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Max Teaford presents at the Graduate Research Forum
 Music and psychology testing

Research Interests

Faculty members in the cognitive group include Joseph Johnson, Robin Thomas, L. James Smart, and Christopher Wolfe. Faculty and students in this area represent a wide range of research interests including judgement and decision-making, computational neuroscience, perception and action, human factors, cognitive technologies, applied cognition, and cognitive control.

ApproachRobin Thomas describes EEG to students.

Research in the Cognitive laboratories utilizes a number of exciting technologies.

  • Psychophysiological recording
  • Behavioral motion tracking
  • Virtual environments
  • Adaptive interfaces
  • Discourse technologies

Join Us

Graduate students in the cognitive program work closely with their primary research advisor as well as other faculty in the department, graduate students, and undergraduate students. Students interested in joining one of the cognitive labs should apply to the Brain, Cognitive, and Developmental Science program.