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Miami University has established internship courses in all departments (340) and they are programmed not to count for the major or minor. The following proposal formulates possible learning objectives and procedures for our department.

Spanish 340 Description (Zero credit)

Students pursue an internship with a non-profit or business that allows them to enhance their critical thinking, research skills and communication abilities as well as further develop their knowledge of the career paths of Spanish graduates.

Spanish 340 Description (1-6 credits)

Students pursue an internship with a non-profit or business that allows them to enhance their critical thinking, research skills and communication abilities as well as further develop their knowledge of the career paths of Spanish graduates.  Students will also enhance their Spanish-language skills and further develop their knowledge of Hispanic/Latino communities.

SPN 340 Possible Learning Objectives

  • Examine the non-profit and/or business’s philosophies and practices and how they affect targeted clients/service recipients.
  • Enhance Spanish-speaking skills and cultural knowledge through direct contact with Spanish-speaking students.
  • Compare knowledge from previous Spanish classes, independent work and literature examined with observations in the community.
  • Develop a variety of professional skills, including cross-cultural interpersonal abilities, adaptability and problem-solving skills. 

Results from the internship survey distributed to Spanish Majors and Minors:

Have you completed an internship that allowed you to use your Spanish language skills or that was related to your Spanish degree or related to Latin@s/Hispanics?

  • 89% No
  • 11% Yes

Students who have completed an internship in which they utilized skills related to their Spanish degree, interned at the following places:

  • Cincinnati Spanish Academy
  • Su Casa Hispanic Center
  • Mainstreet Schoolhouse
  • S.P.O.T. (Spanish and Portuguese Open Tutoring)
  • US Department of State
  • Congressman's office
  • Corkscrew Barcelona
  • Crossroad Health Center VIP program

If you could participate in an internship to develop skills acquired through your Spanish major/minor, what type of internship interests you the most? Check all that apply.

  • Community services/outreach: 71%
  • Education: 49%
  • For-profit company: 37%
  • Legal: 25%
  • Health: 45%
  • Media and communications: 36%
  • Tourism: 34%
  • Other: 10%:  (Technology; NGOs; Politics; Translation; Political Science; Statistics/Data Analytics; Something in Catholic Church)

Co-curricular Internships (Spanish 340)

There are several non-profit organizations and for-profit businesses that offer internships in which you can practice your Spanish-language skills and develop your knowledge of Hispanic/Latino communities including:

Community services/outreach




Media and communications

  • TSJ Media (La Mega 97.7 FM & La Jornada Latina newspaper)


Translation services


Immigration Law

For-profit business

Unpaid/Paid Internships require the following number of hours

0 credits = less than 37.5 work hours
1 credit = 37.5 total work hours 

2 credits = 75 total work hours

3 credits = 112.5 total work hours 

4 credits = 150 total work hours
5 credits = 187.5 total work hours 

6 credits = 225 total work hours 

Note: Students may not earn more than six (6) credits per term or semester or ten (10) 
credit hours per year in internships or independent study work of any type. Co-curricular internships may not be substituted for degree requirements. 

Procedure to earn SPN 340 credit (0-6 credits) for an internship

  1. Student chooses organization/business for placement (from department website or proposes new placement).
  2. Student chooses faculty advisor to work with to develop their learning objectives.
  3. Student completes profile at: Join Handshake

In Handshake, the student should select:
SPN 340 Co-Curricular & Curricular Internship (Katherine Fowler-Cordova)

Be prepared to complete the profile with the following information:

  • Employer *
  • Location
  • Industry
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Internship job title
  • Department
  • Start/End date
  • Employment type (seasonal, full time or part time)**
  • Salary (if unpaid, enter "unpaid")
  • Offer date
  • Site Supervisor first and last name, title, phone number, and email
  • Other compensation
  • Approximate number of hours you will work each week
  • Scheduled hours
  • Where the internship will be conducted (on-site, virtually or both)
  • Job description
  • At least 3 learning objectives

*Employer is defined as a sponsor, organization, government entity, agency, company, professional service firm, non-profit association, small business, start-up, etc.)

**Seasonal-available for only a portion of the year; Full Time-at least 30 hours per week; Part Time-under 30 hours per week


  • The deadline to register each semester is set by the Academic Calendar and the Office of the Registrar
  • Last add day for Full Term: first Friday of the semester
  • Last add day for a Sprint Course: Wednesday, 9th week of the semester

Next Steps

  • Once submitted, the approval process will begin with your Internship Coordinator and your Site Supervisor
  • Mid-semester and/or end of semester surveys may be sent to you and your Site Supervisor

“To have interned in a Spanish-speaking environment has really boosted both my Spanish and professional skills. I feel so much more comfortable talking with native speakers, and in the process I got to help the local Hispanic community in Cincinnati. In addition, it's a great experience to share in an interview or resume. I think it's critical to be able to have practice with the Spanish language and Hispanic culture outside the classroom, and I'm so thankful to have been given that opportunity!”

Su Casa Intern during the spring of 2017:  Nicole Radish, class of 2018, International Studies and Sustainability co-majors, General Business and Spanish minors