2008 Student Spotlight

Maura Reilly

photo of Maura Reilly(Class of 2009)

"I wanted a school where students cared primarily about academics. I also wanted to be in an open learning environment. I found both of those at Miami."

Read what Maura had to say about her primate research and study abroad while at Miami.

Nidhi Subbaraman

photo of Nidhi Subbaraman(Class of 2009)

"Miami had the right student-faculty ratio I was looking for in my college classes and a reasonably large graduate program as well. It had the right mix."

Read what Nidhi had to say about her many Miami experiences.

Richard Wagner

photo of Richard Wagner(Class of 2009)

"Miami has given me a distinct advantage. I already know things that I would usually learn in graduate school. As an undergraduate, I think that such early exposure to real world methodology is critical."

Read what Richard had to say about his physics research at Miami.

Jason Connel Young

photo of Jason Connel Young(Class of 2009)

"I found that Miami put a lot of effort into their students' education and gave them a chance to study abroad … it made it to the top of my list."

Read what Jason had to say about his research and study abroad experiences.