2012 Student Spotlight

Charlie Ebersole

photo of Charlie Ebersole(Class of 2012)

"I was accepted to present the findings of [my] study at a conference in New Orleans in January. This conference, in particular, is the largest national conference for social psychology, so I'm beyond stoked to go to that because every researcher I've read, that's still active in the field, will probably be there."

Read what Charlie had to say about his research at Miami.

Erica Fox

photo of Erica Fox(Class of 2013)

"Choosing to attend Miami is the best decision I've made in my adult life thus far … Classes, professors, friendships, relationships, travel, fun, organizations, honor societies, internships, and social events are just a few words to sum up my years at Miami—so far!"

Read what Erica had to say about her study abroad experience in Dharamsala, India.

Rachel Skipper

photo of Rachel Skipper(Class of 2013)

"At Miami, I found a new direction in selecting my field of interest, chose from many opportunities for personal and academic growth, and have accomplished my goals at a school with a long-standing, solid academic reputation and tradition."

Read what Rachel had to say about her research at Miami.

Lisa Werwinski

photo of Lisa Werwinski(Class of 2013)

"I just love this community … I coach the Oxford diving teams in the summer and last year, my first year, summer of 2011, I had about 20 kids and this year I had about 40."

Read what Lisa had to say about being a member of the Miami/Oxford 'community'.