Mia Gordon (Class of 2021)


"Pursue what interests you -- the right career will find you eventually. Whatever path, whatever role, wherever you're meant to be, you'll get there. You have to be passionate, and you have to have an open mind. Pay attention to what matters to you!"

Why Miami?

Mia Gordon (far right) celebrating a trophy with her field hockey teammates.

"I came to Miami because of their amazing field hockey team. I knew Miami had a great reputation for academics, but the culture and values of the field hockey team were what sold me.

"My first year here was great because I was able to see my parents and older sister every weekend when they traveled to my games. Aside from stressing too much over academics my freshman year, it was a great start to my journey and career here. I’ve learned a lot about myself in terms of what I can do and who I want to be since then."

Best Miami Experiences

"Being a part of the women’s field hockey team has been an amazing experience. Our team and facilities are great, as well as our coaches. Miami field hockey has been very successful in my four years here, winning the Mid-American Conference (MAC) title and tournament every year, and making appearances in the NCAA Tournament each year as well.

“I've also had two internships within the finance industry these past couple summers, one with T. Rowe Price and one with Ariel Investments. I was a marketing intern at T. Rowe Price in the summer of 2020. I presented research, rationale, and campaign to senior managers and used data and legal systems to help with annual reviews of clients’ 401(k) plans. I also participated in reflective behavioral, professional, and mentorship style workshops and was put in charge of a project with a 25-year long client at the firm.

“This past summer I worked with Ariel Investments as a sales intern. While I was able to conduct different types of database and market research, my experience at Ariel made me realize that I really have a deep passion for economic justice and closing the wealth gap. My majors in both Strategic Communications and Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies (WGS) have been really influential because I'll be able to bring forth what I've learned in my past four years here and apply that in the financial industry."

Miami and the Liberal Arts

Mia Gordon (right) with fellow interns at Ariel Investments.

"In high school, I never really had an exact idea of what I wanted to do. I thought about going into the Farmer School of Business, but I knew I wanted something that was a bit more flexible in terms of potential paths to pursue. My favorite thing about my two majors is just how much I'm learning about so many different communities and how we can enhance their experiences in society.

“I chose Strategic Communications for my major because I’ve always been interested in communications and marketing. I then picked Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies as my second major because I intend to do a lot of work with diversity and inclusion.

“I love all my classes a lot, two of my favorites being in WGS. The first was Black Feminist Theory, taught by associate professor of history Tammy L. Brown. The second was The Role of Women in a Transforming Society, taught by professor of English Yu-Fang Cho. Both of these classes had approximately 20 students, so Dr. Brown and Dr. Cho were able to create what felt like a very tight-knit community. In both courses we were free to explore our passions and educate our peers accordingly, all while developing key professional skills."

Representing Miami in the Women’s Field Hockey Team

Mia Gordon with her family.

"After the first gym class of sixth grade, my twelve-year-old self knew that field hockey was something I had to pursue. Fortunately, my parents were extremely enthusiastic and were able to quickly provide me with the equipment needed for tryouts. Since then I have participated in rec and club field hockey, and I am now wrapping up my career at the Division 1 level.

“I am a forward on Miami’s field hockey team, and competing at this level is a unique experience that I truly cherish. Getting to travel to cities and states on both the east and west coasts for games has been phenomenal. This year especially has been great because our team was ranked #21 going into this season, and we have been playing top 10 teams. This year has been a huge accomplishment, and I feel it’s a very cool way to leave my legacy at Miami.

“The way in which Miami field hockey operates is very special. Our team values open dialogue and a strong chemistry, which is why we do a lot of leadership work. We’ve all taken the 34 CliftonStrengths assessment tests and are split into groups based on our top five leading qualities. In these groups we analyze scenarios, problem-solve, and strategize in order to become the best team we can be.

“Maintaining a balance between school and field hockey was quite difficult at first. I've always been one to set too high of standards for myself. However, being a student-athlete has allowed me to compartmentalize what needs to be done for school, field hockey, and finally myself. It's a lot easier said than done, but with maturity and growth, it's become a lot easier! "

Advice to Students

"Pursue what interests you -- the right career will find you eventually. Whatever path, whatever role, wherever you're meant to be, you'll get there. You have to be passionate, and you have to have an open mind. Pay attention to what matters to you.

“Accordingly, spend time with the people who matter to you! As mentioned earlier, I used to prioritize school too much. I found the balance that was necessary for me and have been able to make some of the best memories in the meantime. Finding that balance early on will be extremely beneficial for anyone who is able to implement it! "

[September 2021]