2015 Student Spotlight

AJ Tatro

photo of AJ Tatro(Class of 2017)

"Because of Miami's requirements to take a variety of courses outside your major, I have found many ways to think beyond math and stats. I've taken French, art history, and many other classes that have nothing to do with my major, and I've benefitted from being able to use my brain in other ways. A liberal arts program pushes you to do that while also giving you options to take what you want."

Read what AJ had to say about his classroom and extracurricular experiences at Miami.

Heather Mathews

photo of Heather Mathews(Class of 2017)

"My favorite things about Miami are my professors and the classmates I've met, especially my best friend, AJ Tatro, who is also a math and stats major. Miami has prepared me for a career in many ways, especially giving me research experience."

Read what Heather had to say about her research at Miami University and Columbia University.

Abbie Schultheis

photo of Abbie Schultheis(Class of 2016)

"As an Undergraduate Research Fellow [with the Altman Program]…I studied the history and evolution of environmental studies programs in the U.S. and how that role in education has shaped the way we view environmentalism. We were mentored by two faculty members, Peggy Shaffer in history and Tom Crist in biology and sustainability. It was incredible being able to work so closely with them!"

Read what Abbie had to say about her research and experiences as Chief Justice of the Student Court and Resident Assistant in McFarland Hall.

Emily Gillispie

photo of Emily Gillispie(Class of 2017)

"I chose Miami mainly because of its great Environmental Earth Science program…Another reason why I chose Miami is because of its great reputation in study abroad…Also, because I've been riding horses my whole life, Miami's Equestrian Team was attractive to me. Overall, it just came down to the fact that Miami basically had everything that I was looking for."

Read what Emily had to say about her groundwater research and other extracurricular activities.

Ben Neuhaus

photo of Ben Neuhaus(Class of 2017)

"I like Miami's attention to undergraduate teaching. I've been surprised by the number of professors I've met who truly care about their students' wellbeing and not just their own research."

Read what Ben had to say about problem solving and his undergraduate research experience.

Cody Philips

photo of Cody Philips(Class of 2017)

"Liberal arts majors are able to critically analyze information and ask the right questions by learning things in-depth…There are students who say that learning a language is never going to be relevant to their career goals. That notion is just false. There are so many things that can have a more indirect relevance to you, both professionally and beyond."

Read what Cody had to say about his research, his involvement with Hillel, and his time in Israel.

Virginia (Ginny) Hogue

photo of Ginny Hogue(Class of 2016)

"I loved Miami's strong emphasis upon study abroad; just knowing that the university offered over 200 programs was a huge catch for me…There was never a time that I didn't love Miami or doubt that it was the right place for me. It's always been a very positive experience."

Read what Ginny had to say about her study abroad experiences in London, Paris, and Luxembourg.

Neena Patel

photo of Neena Patel(Class of 2016)

"At Miami I've been lucky enough to do a number of things outside my classes, including performing undergraduate research in microbiology, studying abroad in France, and getting involved in student organizations, like the Indian Student Association."

Read what Neena had to say about her microbiology research on HIV and AIDS and her extracurricular activities.

Jessica Walpole

photo of Jessica Walpole(Class of 2015)

"Miami students typically do well in medical school, so I've felt exceptionally prepared in everything from anatomy, to physiology, to basic statistics. Aside from raw knowledge, I've learned how to study and be a good student, and I think that's going to really pay off in the long run."

Read what Jessica had to say about her undergraduate research and the Mallory-Wilson Center for Healthcare Education.

Jim McClanahan

photo of Jim McClanahan(Class of 2015)

"I'm a non-traditional student who joined the military after I graduated high school in 2000. I served three years in the US Army 82nd Airborne Division…Transitioning from military to college life was a huge culture shock for me…But diving head first into various clubs and events held around campus really helped ease the transformation from soldier to student."

Read what Jim had to say about his research experience in Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania.

Rami Abu-Attiyeh

photo of Rami Abu-Attiyeh(Class of 2017)

"I initially wanted to join Miami's business or engineering schools, but then I switched my major to undecided and started taking a bunch of different courses to figure out what I really liked. This led me to realize that the College of Arts and Science would be most practical for me. I'd be able to explore more kinds of courses and topics and finish in 4 years. Besides, the CAS offers economics as a major, which felt like an important advantage."

Read what Rami had to say about his summer internships with Study of the United States Institute.