2010 Student Spotlight

Bethany Bowyer

photo of Bethany Bowyer(Class of 2010)

"I chose Miami because I knew of its strong reputation for producing successful undergraduates … a student can take anything they are interested in and find a way to apply it through a class, research, studying abroad, or becoming involved on campus and within the community."

Read what Bethany had to say about her research and public service at Miami.

Aaron Coey

photo of Aaron Coey(Class of 2011)

"I chose Miami because of its strong ties to the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine and because of the dual admissions program, which guarantees early acceptance to medical school."

Read what Aaron had to say about his research and other experiences at Miami.

Iordan Ganev

photo of Iordan Ganev(Class of 2010)

"[Working on research projects at Miami University] felt like the fulfillment of a childhood dream: I was unraveling some of nature's deepest mysteries. At the same time, such interdisciplinary endeavors allowed me to combine my passion for mathematics with an interest in ecology."

Read what Iordan had to say about his international and research experiences at Miami.

Zack Hausrath

photo of Zack Hausrath(Class of 2009)

"That truly is the nice thing about Miami. My expressed interest in pursuing knowledge outside of class was met with open arms and open minds by my professors, who soon after became my mentors and my friends. They were able to show me outlets for research and scholarship that best matched my experiences as a person and ambitions as a researcher."

Read what Zack had to say about his involvement with the Tibetan Studies Program.

Evan Hayes

photo of Evan Hayes(Class of 2011)

"Miami has a great liberal education plan that encourages students to take classes outside of their major, to gain experience in other disciplines or just because they sound cool. In my case, this really helped me decide where I belong."

Read what Evan had to say about his various research projects and other Miami experiences.

Zoë Hesp

photo of Zoë Hesp(Class of 2012)

"I chose Miami because during one particular visit to the campus, the chair of the Zoology department took an hour and a half of his time to personally give me a tour and explain all of the opportunities Miami provided."

Read what Zoë had to say about her research and diverse experiences while at Miami.

Christina Kazanjian

photo of Christina Kazanjian(Class of 2011)

"I learned from many of my mentors at Miami to have the confidence to fearlessly utilize my connections. Nothing is as valuable as getting your foot in the door and I learned that priceless lesson (and gained the confidence to do it) during my time in Oxford."

Read what Christina had to say about her internships and plans for the future.

Christina Zielke

photo of Christina Zielke(Class of 2011)

"I chose Miami because of its excellent academic reputation, strong study abroad programs, field courses and international education programs. I was most certainly not let down. My time at Miami has taken me around the world, and helped me to find my place in it."

Read what Christina had to say about her many varied study abroad experiences.