2019 Student Spotlight

Hannah Fuchs

photo of Hannah Fuchs(Class of 2020)

"One of the great things about the liberal arts is being able to get outside your major and learn other things you never would have otherwise. For example, I took an art history class [ART 188] during my sophomore year with one of my friends and loved it. We loved it so much, in fact, that we are planning to take a trip to Italy after graduation to experience Italian art and history in person. Our professor really inspired us, and I never would have had this experience without the liberal arts education that Miami provides."

Read what Hannah had to say about being a student athlete and her undergraduate research.

Delaney Heisterkamp

photo of Delaney Heisterkamp(Class of 2020)

"One of my favorite things about Miami is that the Department of English has been incredibly influential, not only on my writing but also on my access to the typical industries that you write for. My English professors have been so engaging as mentors who I can rely on, so it feels very close-knit that way."

Read what Delaney had to say about her majors and her Literary London internship.

Ali Insoft

photo of Ali Insoft(Class of 2020)

"I really like the Miami Plan idea because it gives me an opportunity to go outside of my field of study and gain a broader perspective. Besides my major classes, I've really enjoyed my humanities courses, like one on classical mythology that was a lot of fun. All the classes that I've taken, both inside and outside my major, have allowed me to look through multiple angles. I've learned from these various classes that in order to understand others you need to have a bigger picture of things. You can't really look at something through just one lens!"

Read what Ali had to say about her research on child literacy.

Janie Moore

photo of Janie Moore(Class of 2022)

"The liberal arts definitely help students become more flexible and improve their ability to express themselves in multiple ways. A big part of taking courses outside of your major is about teaching you about problem solving and thinking through new challenges. Miami teaches you to become a lifelong learner instead of just memorizing stuff in one concentration."

Read what Janie had to say about her study abroad experience in Germany.

Phuong Ho

photo of Phuong Ho(Class of 2021)

"My first year as an international student at Miami was a little bit hard at first. It was my very first time coming to a new country where people were speaking a different language from mine. I had a very good orientation, and then I met my first roommate, who is American. She has actually helped me a lot. We have talked about all kinds of different things in our conversations!"

Read what Phuong had to say about her research in Scotland and her extracurricular activities.

Mackenzie Trevethan

photo of Mackenzie Trevethan(Class of 2020)

"[One] reason I chose to attend Miami is the broad liberal arts education offered. The curriculum encourages students to take classes in many different fields, leading me to courses in theatre, microbiology, disabilities studies, sociology, and other fields. These classes have all greatly improved my knowledge on a range of different topics and introduced me to the vast breadth of inquiry that exists in society."

Read what Mackenzie had to say about her leadership roles and research at Miami.

Callie Miller

photo of Callie Miller(Class of 2020)

"I love learning how to approach problems through different subjects. A chemist approaches a problem or issue much differently from the way a philosopher or French scholar does. Being able to look at issues from different perspectives is really rewarding and useful in both the hard sciences and humanities."

Read what Callie had to say about her research on antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Joseph Converse

photo of Joseph Converse(Class of 2020)

"One of the best things Miami does academically is make research very accessible to undergraduates. This is not always the case at a lot of universities. Professor of physics Burcin Bayram was the first faculty member to give me the opportunity to gain practical experience in a physics laboratory. A lot of what I have learned has been through that practical experience."

Read what Joseph had to say about his research with atomic, molecular, and optical physics.

Zhuoran Bao

photo of Zhuoran Bao(Class of 2021)

"With ACE [American English & Culture program] I learned how to write the way American professors want, for all my Miami classes. My experiences in that program and my three years of being a Miami student taking various classes have prepared me to find a job in the U.S. after I graduate. It's helped me figure out what kind of environment I like and want to work in."

Read what Zhuoran had to say about her involvement with ACE and other campus activities.

Justice Hubbard

photo of Justice Hubbard(Class of 2020)

"A major advantage of a liberal arts degree is that you get a wider breadth of options and exposure. Even though I knew I wanted to go to law school, the liberal arts give you the opportunity to explore different things to become more compatible. Rather than being hedged into one aspect, you learn a foreign language, you learn math, you learn how to write and argue effectively. All of these different things have been proven to be extremely helpful."

Read what Justice had to say about his two majors and extracurricular activities.

Harsh Agrawal

photo of Harsh Agrawal(Class of 2020)

"One of the most useful skills I've learned from philosophy is the art of arguing: it involves just as much listening as it does making clear, rational points. It has helped foster my growth-mindset, made me more empathetic, and forced me to slow down and think deeply. As a result, I think it has helped me become a better friend, partner, colleague, leader, and hopefully, physician."

Read what Harsh had to say about his philosophy major, extracurricular activities, and research.

Selena Mungur

photo of Selena Mungur(Class of 2022)

"As I explored my Miami course options, the flexibility of the liberal arts allowed me to switch between a bunch of different majors and combine them all. I was also able to take more classes that interested me, such as my course on immigration — which now counts as part of my CRES major. Being able to move between things and figure out exactly what I want to do and not being held back a year because of that has worked out really well."

Read what Selena had to say about her emotional trip to the U.S.-Mexico border.

Emilio Bloch

photo of Emilio Bloch(Class of 2020)

"Adaptability is important. It's hard to come by, but if you've got it then it feels pretty good. The different kinds of stuff I do include biology research, participating in the Urban Cohort to work with underprivileged kids in Cincinnati schools, and studying public health issues in the Gambia. My activities are all over the place, so gaining the ability to be adaptable — or learning that you are adaptable — is really valuable. Developing it helps you grow more confident and opens you up to new experiences."

Read what Emilio had to say about his majors, minors, and service trip to The Gambia.

Jordan Conner

photo of Jordan Conner(Class of 2020)

"The liberal arts exposes you to critical thinking to make you more equipped for this frequently changing world. By also utilizing my writing skills, I feel I'll be qualified for various jobs and be able to break into new areas. Even if I ever decide to pursue a different career, I can still be successful because both of my majors give me more skills than what they were designed for."

Read what Jordan had to say about his internships with Governor Mike DeWine.

John Fink

photo of John Fink(Class of 2020)

"[Mineralogy] is basically a culmination of physics, chemistry, and geology. So much can be discovered from this, but I'm learning many different perspectives, not just those from the scientific community. My international studies and Spanish classes, for example, help me to understand many of the events happening around the world and to communicate actively with someone from another culture."

Read what John had to say about his passion for mineralogical research.

Katie Sanderson

photo of Katie Sanderson(Class of 2022)

"I have learned a lot from my different areas of study. Nutrition has definitely taught me the importance of looking at multiple viewpoints. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn't mean they are right or wrong, and it's important to have your own informed opinion. Meanwhile, my psychology classes have shown me the value of helping people and the importance of empathy."

Read what Katie had to say about her major, co-major, and singing a capella.

Stephanie Gibson

photo of Stephanie Gibson(Class of 2022)

"After one year in Miami I've become much more independent than I thought I could be. While I have the help of an advisor, choosing my own classes to go with my major and other classes that interest me has given me the freedom to set my own goals. I love the ability to pursue what I've always wanted to study, which is why the liberal arts is so important to me."

Read what Stephanie had to say about her first-year study abroad trip in Zambia.

Lauren Miles

photo of Lauren Miles(Class of 2020)

"The liberal arts allow you to be very flexible in your thinking as you encounter new ideas and theories. There are so many different avenues to go down, and you're encouraged to do a little bit of each. You learn to write well, and with that skill you can do really anything — every discipline requires some sort of writing. This breadth of experience is really useful, helping you be adaptable in the career world."

Read what Lauren had to say about her faculty mentors and her Literary London experience.

Kambrie Riddle

photo of Kambrie Riddle(Class of 2021)

"The main lesson I learned from [my study abroad trip to Nicaragua] was that it is essential to understand different perspectives — there is not necessarily only one best way to do anything. 'Different' doesn't mean inferior. I would love to take advantage of all the different things represented in various cultures to enhance the overall quality of healthcare today. This is something I wouldn't have been able to find just sitting in a classroom!"

Read what Kambrie had to say about her faculty mentors and her passion for medicine.

Mitchell Singstock

photo of Mitchell Singstock(Class of 2020)

"Miami has prepared me greatly for a future career in medicine. My hope is to go to medical school and specialize in some form of internal medicine. Only time will tell what area that is, but I feel particularly called to the fields oncology, rheumatology, and palliative care thus far. My classroom and research experiences have prepared me to do well on the MCAT and eventually in medical school."

Read what Mitchell had to say about his three undergraduate research projects.

Shelby Frye

photo of Shelby Frye(Class of 2020)

"Society doesn't exist in a vacuum, so neither should we. Even though I am not a STEM major, the liberal arts teaches you how to think or analyze — not just about sociology or political science or English, but anything. I really feel that, as I have gotten further into my curriculum and have taken various courses in the Miami Plan, the biggest advantage of the liberal arts is learning how to see the world in a different way that takes you out of your comfort zone."

Read what Shelby had to say about her faculty mentors and gendered language research.

Emily Wyatt

photo of Emily Wyatt(Class of 2020)

"My work in the lab inspired me to write a funding proposal for my 2018 Hughes Summer Internship, which enabled me to stay in Oxford for 10 weeks, working 40 hours a week on my ongoing project in Dr. [Kathleen] Killian's lab. I presented results from my first year of research at Miami's annual Undergraduate Research Forum in April 2018 and from my second year in April 2019. I also obtained membership in the National Society for Neuroscience and attended their Summer 2018 Ohio Miami Valley regional conference."

Read what Emily had to say about her neurobiology research on cricket behavior.

Mishali Mathur

photo of Mishali Mathur(Class of 2019)

"I love the fact that Miami offers so many different classes in the liberal arts. If I hadn't had that opportunity, I'm not entirely sure that I would have discovered my love for healthcare policy. I've gained an open mind and a more well-rounded idea of what I want. After all, when you're surrounded by amazing people, it motivates you to be amazing."

Read what Mishali had to say about providing healthcare access in Tanzania.

Cooper Mason

photo of Cooper Mason(Class of 2019)

"What Miami does best is making sure its students are capable communicators. I think most classes focus on students being able to relay information clearly and articulately, whether it be through a paper or presentation. The urban & regional planning major is also comprehensive, allowing us to try most types of planning so that we have an understanding of what we might do in a professional planning setting."

Read what Cooper had to say about his summer working in New York City.

Bri Clements

photo of Bri Clements(Class of 2019)

"My experiences with my statistics classes and CADS have helped me line up a job after I graduate this spring: I'll be working at Columbus Collaboratory, which helps companies with analytics and cybersecurity challenges. My new position will give me exposure to clients from many different industries, so I am super excited about this opportunity!"

Read what Bri had to say about her data visualization projects.

Ian Berg

photo of Ian Berg(Class of 2019)

"I like that I've been able to take a broad range of courses at Miami. I know I'm receiving a strong foundation that will give me a bunch of different directions I can go in for a career. Not having to follow any set path has made my choices more appealing to me; I've never been stuck in one area and could branch out as I needed to — that's a key aspect of the liberal arts that has been attractive for me."

Read what Ian had to say about his research with the US Department of Transportation.

Lydia Yellow Hawk

photo of Lydia Yellow Hawk(Class of 2019)

"I would like to work with other indigenous peoples either through my tribe or on a national level with an American Indian organization that focuses on advocating for indigenous rights. My liberal arts education and anthropology and political science courses, I feel really have prepared me for what I eventually want to do."

Read what Lydia had to say about her efforts to preserve Lakota tribal heritage and culture.

Dante Rossi

photo of Dante Rossi(Class of 2019)

"My favorite courses at Miami have not just been for anthropology majors, but also for political science, Russian studies, prelaw, and anyone who had an interest. And I think the best part about Miami's liberal arts education is that it has encouraged me to explore different facets of things that I never thought I would be interested in."

Read what Dante had to say about his research project in Latvia and Lithuania.

Victoria Carvalho Salles

photo of Victoria Carvalho Salles(Class of 2019)

"Many students have a love and hate relationship with the Miami Plan, but I think that having this broad education really helps for your personal and intellectual growth. I've taken many classes outside my major that I've really loved. For example, I took an amazing philosophy course about confronting death when I first came to Miami, and I enjoyed it so much that one of my regrets in graduating a year early is that I cannot double major in philosophy!"

Read what Victoria had to say about her research on public school funding disparities in Ohio.

Mona-Mae Juwillie

photo of Mona-Mae Juwillie(Class of 2019)

"The beauty of Miami's program, and the key thing about the liberal arts in general, is that I've taken core courses in economics, geography, health, political science, and writing, and I'm learning to market myself as someone with skills in policy analysis, writing and research, different geographical regions, economics, and health."

Read what Mona-Mae had to say about her internships in Ghana and Switzerland.

Ashley Mickens

photo of Ashley Mickens(Class of 2020)

"I came to Miami because I wanted the 'trademark' college experience and a place I could call home for the next 4 years. I visited 16 colleges, and none of them made me feel at home like Miami did. I knew that at Miami I could receive a stellar education, and I've been impressed with the incredible array of campus opportunities."

Read what Ashely had to say about her faculty mentors and her semester in Luxembourg.

Sarah Porter

photo of Sarah Porter(Class of 2019)

"Many of my friends who have business-related majors are narrowly focused on their careers, but as a liberal arts major I've taken many different classes covering all kinds of topics. They often challenge your ideals and viewpoints and help you look at the whole picture."

Read what Sarah had to say about her hands-on work at the Institute for Food farm.

Melanie Murray

photo of Melanie Murray(Class of 2019)

"Having a major in the liberal arts allows you to have a well-rounded education. I am able to discuss, learn, and act on important real-world problems, even outside my two majors. I've learned to consider all aspects of the issues I will be working on and to think outside of the box."

Read what Melanie had to say about her urban & regional planning major.

Hannah Clarke

photo of Hannah Clarke(Class of 2019)

"When I'm interested in pursuing something academically, I am very direct in asking my professors. For their part, I've been very fortunate that they remind me about all sorts of available opportunities. This has encouraged me to be even more independent, to the point where I've been able to work with professors on designing classes and projects that are more focused on my interests."

Read about Hannah's research and student activism.

Ryan Geary

photo of Ryan Geary(Class of 2019)

"[My Ohio Public Leaders fellowship and Inside Washington] experiences taken together provided me with a well-rounded and informed perspective of federalism and the unique challenges faced by different levels of government, and they have thoroughly prepared me for a career in law and government."

Read what Ryan had to say about his legal research and internships in government.

Andrew Fausey

photo of Andrew Fausey(Class of 2019)

"Liberal arts courses help you to learn how to write and think differently and more creatively, and they've complemented my science classes as well. In the biological sense, I feel I'm developing a different side of my brain that wouldn't be accessed by memorization of biology pathways or biochemistry mechanisms and such."

Read what Andrew had to say about his regenerative retina research.

Katherine Rodriguez

photo of Katherine Rodriguez(Class of 2019)

"Having recently applied to medical school, I feel prepared for post-graduation through my Miami coursework and preparation for the MCAT exam. My premedical classes showed me what the application process was going to look like, so I never felt I was going through it alone."

Read what Katherine had to say about her research and MedLife trips abroad.

Ellen Stenstrom

photo of Ellen Stenstrom(Class of 2019)

"The value of Miami's undergraduate research cannot be overstated. Coming here I didn't know you could do research in the humanities, let alone in literature. As an incoming student I attended a lecture that explained how to get involved in humanities research, and that became a major goal for me from then on."

Read what Ellen had to say about her majors and extracurricular activities.

Lucy Eisgruber

photo of Lucy Eisgruber(Class of 2019)

"People often say you need a specific major to be successful, but I would argue that it doesn't matter about your major — it matters how hard you work and what passion you bring to it."

Read what Lucy had to say about her major and extracurricular activities.