2014 Student Spotlight

Marie Freeman

photo of Marie Freeman(Class of 2014)

"I liked the College of Arts and Science because I feel it gave me a very broad advantage in my education…I was able to take a variety of courses, many of which I thought I might not have liked when I first started. They give you the freedom to learn what you want to pursue as you go along, and there have been many opportunities to learn and grow because of that."

Read what Marie had to say about her Literary London experience.

Cecelia Favede

photo of Cecelia Favede(Class of 2016)

"Miami has a commitment to moving forward while also being rooted in the past. I love the idea that Miami knows exactly what kind of school it is, and it's reflected in the students, who are so proud to go here and know they're making an impact on the future of the campus."

Read what Cecelia had to say about her time in Peru and Thailand.

Sara Dastagir

photo of Sara Dastagir(Class of 2015)

"During my tour here as a prospective student I was struck by my tour guide's passion towards Miami. I was in her last group before she graduated, and by the end of the tour she broke into tears. This really struck a cord with me because her relationship with Miami wasn't just about academics but her personal experiences like making new friends, connecting with professors, and studying abroad. At that point I knew that Miami was the right institution for me."

Read what Sara had to say about her research and study abroad trips to Kosovo and Oman.

Mark Loh

photo of Mark Loh(Class of 2015)

"The main reason I chose Miami is because of its reputation, especially with academics. I knew that Miami would best prepare me for the road to medical school…I also love Miami's class size. Having smaller class sizes here at Miami allows for better group discussions, and the teachers can get to know you on a more personal level."

Read what Mark had to say about his study abroad trips to Nicaragua.

Sarah Rogers

photo of Sarah Rogers(Class of 2015)

"Besides my classes and professors, Miami offers a great number of valuable extracurricular opportunities. As an executive board member of Miami's Public Relations Student Society of America chapter (PRSSA) and a communications intern here at the CAS, I've been able to gain wonderful leadership experiences, meet tons of great people, and really boost my resume."

Read what Sarah had to say about her study abroad and internship experiences.

Mary Kate Findley

photo of Mary Kate Findley(Class of 2015)

"When you step on campus and look around, everything feels right—Miami feels like home…It's not just the red bricks and the beautiful trees that make Miami such a wonderful place to learn and spend these four years. It's also about making amazing friends and learning from amazing professors."

Read what Mary Kate had to say about the Honors Program and her research with bonobos.

Courtney DeHaas

photo of Courtney DeHaas(Class of 2014)

"The variety of classes I've taken have allowed me to discover new passions. I think what's so great about Miami is that a liberal arts education is required even for business majors—globally-focused courses about religion and history and philosophy are all necessary information in and of themselves…I believe that education should be less about learning a set amount of knowledge and more about learning how to learn. The global climate, technology, and society are all changing rapidly, and we need to be prepared to change with them!"

Read what Courtney had to say about her study abroad in Jordan and her experience as an Altman Undergraduate Fellow.

Adaora Anunike

photo of Adaora Anunike(Class of 2015)

"I fell in love with Miami's small faculty-student ratio and having that one-on-one relationship with professors. When I go to my professor's office hours, the line isn't out the door, they're actually there, and they probably know my name…I don't feel like I would have the same opportunity at a larger school. Miami is really comfortable and personal."

Read what Adaora had to say about being a student athlete and her passion for anthropology.

Briana Vamosi

photo of Briana Vamosi(Class of 2016)

"From the beginning, everything has been wonderful for me here. I started with a Chemistry major and Premedical Studies co-major and then realized that I also liked biochemistry, so last semester I added that. I really love chemistry—how it is presented, how you get to solve problems. I love the math and the science and how everything is combined into one."

Read what Briana had to say about her research, visit to Washington, DC, and her extracurricular activities.

Victoria Slater

photo of Victoria Slater(Class of 2016)

"The Media, Journalism & Film department and faculty, particularly Dr. Richard Campbell and Patricia Newberry, have been really supportive of The Miami Student. It's a learning environment, and as student journalists, we're in a place where we can learn and make mistakes, all in the effort of becoming better, professional journalists."

Read what Victoria had to say about her experience as associate editor of The Miami Student and her Kosovo study abroad trip.