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Our Programs, Facilities, and Partnerships

Willeke Lecture Series 2023

Achieving Drawdown:
A Hopeful, Science-Based Roadmap to Stop Climate Change and Build a Better World

Thursday, Sept. 7, 2023 5:30 p.m. | Shideler Hall, Room 152


Presented by Jonathan Foley

Executive Director of Project Drawdown Studying global ecosystems, food security, climate change, and resource sustainability

Our Signature Programs

Environmental Professionals Symposium

This annual event brings Institute for the Environment and Sustainability alumni back to campus share their perspectives on career development with Masters of Environmental Science students and undergraduate co-majors.

Willeke Distinguished Lecture

The annual Drs. Gene and Carol Willeke Frontiers in Environmental Science Distinguished Lecture series brings prominent figures in the field of environmental science to the Miami campus. The most recent lecture took place on Thursday, April 21, 2022 at 6:00 PM and featured Dr. Mustafa Santiago Ali. 

Our Facilities

The Institute of the Environment and Sustainability is housed in Shideler Hall and includes:

  • faculty, staff, and student offices
  • classrooms, conference, and seminar rooms
  • computer laboratory

Field and Laboratory Resources

The program has field, lab, and teaching equipment for use by both students and staff.

Field equipment includes:

  • surveying instruments
  • water sampling and analysis kits
  • seines
  • waders
  • GPS units

Lab equipment includes:

  • tabletop colorimeters
  • filtration units
  • incubators
  • muffle furnace
  • balances
  • hot plates


The Institute for the Environment and Sustainability partners with departments, centers and physical facilities at Miami University on several initiatives, and conducts air and water quality monitoring in cooperation with Butler County and federal agencies. Students are involved in all of these activities, providing hands-on scientific, organizational and cultural learning experiences.

Center for Aquatic & Watershed Sciences

The Center for Aquatic and Watershed Sciences is a partnership between the Institute for the Environment and Sustainability and the natural sciences to promote research, education, and outreach on freshwater issues at local, regional, and global scales.

Sustainability at Miami

The academic programs of the Institute for the Environmental and Sustainability interface with initiatives to enhance campus sustainability through student research and service learning projects

Institute for Food

The Institute for Food is a Provost Interdisciplinary Innovation project to engage the Miami University community around issues of food, health, and sustainable agriculture. Its mission is to foster healthy food, healthy eating, healthy communities, and a healthy planet.

Myaamia Center

The Institute for the Environment and Sustainability helps the Myaamia Center increase the capacity of the Miami Nation of Oklahoma to manage its natural and cultural resources in a sustainable manner.

Institute for the Environment and Sustainability

The Institute for the Environment and Sustainability is an umbrella organization for undergraduate and graduate education and research on the environment and sustainability at Miami University.

Contact Us

118 Shideler Hall
250 S. Patterson Ave.
Oxford, OH 45056

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The M.En. degree was designated as a national Professional Science Master's (PSM) program based on it its professional skills, experiential learning, and interdisciplinary breadth.
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