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A Message from the Chair

Departmental Diversity Statement

In the Department of Biology, fostering a welcoming environment for all members of our community regardless of their background and identity stands at the very core of our mission. We value diversity and we are deeply committed to creating a place where people of all identities find confidence in themselves and thrive teaching and learning. We also recognize our responsibility and actively reject behaviors that disvalue diversity and inclusion, while maintaining dialogs that represent diverse opinions to further promote a welcoming and inclusive environment in our programs. As biologists, we know that diverse groups and ideas bring a wide array of valuable perspectives, which strengthen our teaching, learning, research, and science communication. Biology also provides us with fundamental knowledge that allows us to appreciate the essential aspects of diversity in our lives and prepares us to logically oppose inequality, which is unfortunately still prevalent in academia as well as in our society. We continuously strive to confront systemic inequalities and our own unconscious biases as we build a truly diverse and inclusive community by engaging in positive and inclusive behaviors and actively incorporating DEI principles in our teaching, research, and service.

Our efforts are in line with the missions of Miami University, whose efforts are detailed by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and the Office of Equity and Equal Opportunity, the College of Arts and Science Commitment to Diversity, as well as Advocate for Change.

Department of Biology

Students in undergraduate and graduate programs learn biological concepts taught by dedicated faculty and gain hands-on research experiences in the laboratory and field using first-class equipment, centers, and facilities. Our graduates pursue a wide variety of career paths in health, biotechnology, the environment, and plant science.