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Co-Curricular Experiences

Whatever your field of study, activities outside the classroom are an important dimension of your college education. Co-curricular activities can be opportunities to expand your learning, to practice leadership and teamwork, or to build your professional network.

Co-curricular activities sponsored by the Department of Comparative Religion include:

Department socials to help our students get to know one another and our faculty better and to let prospective majors or minors check us out.

Career panels organized by the Comparative Religion Alumni Advisory Board, to let you learn about the range of career paths pursued by our department's graduates.

Two endowed lecture series—the Puff Memorial Lecture and the Wickenden Lectures—that give you opportunities to learn from, and network with, visiting scholars or public figures from around the US and beyond.

Induction of eligible students into Theta Alpha Kappa, the national honor society for the study of religion.

Departmental Awards

Each year, near the end of spring semester, our department's faculty select outstanding religion majors to be recognized for their academic performance or co-curricular service. The awards that these majors receive are named in honor of former faculty. Each award comes with a modest financial prize.

Harold O. Forshey Award

Given for outstanding overall academic achievement--not only in the study of religion but in the student's undergraduate work overall.

Award Recipients

Forshey Award Logo2019: Margaret Hamm
2018: Kelsi Sievering
2017: Owen Walsh
2016: Alexa Ekberg
2015: Katie Poppe

Newell S. Booth, Jr. Award

Given for excellence in comparative religion--the student's work within the religion major.


Newell Booth Award Logo2019: Alexandra Boster
2018: Brian Mashny
2017: Mary Hayes
2016: Sarah Manning and Katie Poppe
2015: Marjorie Wimbish Sopher

Roy Bowen Ward Award

Given for excellence in biblical studies--a subfield within the study of religion.


Bowen Award Logo2019: Sarah Kingsbury
2018: Jake Besanceney
2017: Samantha Gauer
2016: Not awarded
2015: Tori Gegel

Alan Miller Award

Given for outstanding student service to the department--such as leadership in CRSA or contributions to department programs.


Miller Award Logo2019: Bianca Oviedo
2018: Alexandra Boster
2017: Kelsi Sievering
2016: Sarah Kammer
2015: Jackie Wagner

Experiential Learning Grant

Each year outhe Department of Comparative Religion has a certain amount of discretionary funding available--the amount varies from year to year--which we can use to support special learning opportunities for our students.

The department's first priority is to provide experiential learning grants to religion majors. Applications from religion minors will be considered under special circumstances.

 Funds can be used for:

  • supplies for a special research project
  • travel to a conference
  • study away
  • another experiential learning or professional development opportunity related to the study of religion

You can apply for funding at any time during the school year; we will award grants as long as funds remain available. The earlier you submit your application before you need the funds, the better.

How to apply

Write a description (about 300-400 words) of the experiential learning or professional development opportunity for which you would like funding. Include the following information:

  • What is the opportunity (activity, project, etc.)? What, when, where, who?
  • How will this opportunity advance your study of religion?
  • How does this opportunity help prepare you for your future career goals?
  • What amount of funding do you estimate you need?
  • From what other sources are you seeking funding?

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