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Meet Our Students

Class of 2024

Ashleigh D., General Focus Class of 2024

ashleigh-d.pngBS Biology, Premedical Studies co-major, Nutrition minor (Miami University)

  • Undergrad highlights
    • Vice President of Standard, Panhellenic Association Council
    • Community Service Chair, Alpha Delta Pi
    • Clinical Informatics Intern at a Community Health Network
  • Program benefits:
    "I have had the opportunity to not only obtain more shadowing hours but have observed specialties that I had not been exposed to …”


mason-k.pngMason K., General Focus Class of 2024

BA Biology, Premedical Studies co-major (Miami University)

  • Undergrad highlights
    • Glee Club
    • Research at Louis Stokes VA Medical Center (Cleveland) in a diabetic retinopathy lab
  • Program benefits:
    “… better understanding of the different career paths available to me as a STEM student …and earning a master’s degree that provides me additional career flexibility.”


Jenny L., General Focus Class of 2024

BA Biochemistry, Premedical Studies co-major, Medical Sociology and Molecular Biology minors (Miami University)

  • Undergrad highlights
    • Healthcare Education Student Advisory Board at Mallory-Wilson Center
    • Research on notochord and cardiovascular development in Biology Department at Miami U
    • Student volunteer in the Emergency Department, McCullough-Hyde Hospital
  • Program benefits:
    “With a schedule designed specifically based on my strengths, weaknesses, and interests, I’ve been able to have deeper conversations about healthcare from both a scientific and sociological perspective.”


belinda-s.pngBelinda S., General Focus Class of 2024

BA Biology, Premedical Studies co-major (Miami University)

  • Undergrad highlights
    • Secretary for Global Medical Brigades
    • Member of Minority Association of Pre-medical Students (MAPS)
    • Participant in Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP) program
  • Program benefits:
    “… I am involved in “Pause for Parents,” a volunteer organization where I spend time with children and adolescents with disabilities…helped me to refine my career goals ” 


Chris S., General Focus Class of 2024

BS Neuroscience, Premedical track (The Ohio State University)

  • Undergrad highlights
    • Member, Mount Leadership Society Scholars
    • Mentor and Teaching Assistant, Neuroscience Program
    • Patient Care Associate at the James Comprehensive Cancer Center
    • Emergency Department Technician, Dayton Children’s Hospital
  • Program benefits:
    “… our curriculum is intertwined with…the Physician Associate Studies program…giving me a glimpse of healthcare professional school …”


Class of 2025

Shannen M., General Focus Class of 2025

BA Biology, Premedical Studies co-major (Miami University)

  • Undergrad highlights
    • Undergrad research awarded funding from Miami U
    • College of Arts & Sciences Ambassador to prospective students
  • Program benefits:
    "… the opportunity to complete graduate level coursework before PA school…and to maintain core science knowledge during this transition to a PA program.”


Sam H., General Focus Class of 2025

BA Biology, Premedical Studies Co-major, Spanish Minor (Miami University)

  • Undergrad highlights
    • Global Brigades International Healthcare volunteer work
    • Supplemental Instructor in Microeconomics
  • Program benefits:
    “…to address real-world healthcare challenges and to collaborate with faculty and peers who share my passion for making a difference in the lives of others.”


John R., General Focus Class of 2025

BS Biomedical Engineering, (University of Michigan)

  • Undergrad highlights
    • Quality Engineer work to design novel optical components
    • Undergraduate research to create a drug-eluting hip implant
  • Program benefits:
    “… the opportunity to immerse myself in the healthcare field will allow me to learn about the impact of work in healthcare and to gain a clear vision of how I can best contribute as a physician..”


Ian W., General Focus Class of 2025

BS Biochemistry, Spanish minor (Miami University)

  • Undergrad highlights
    • Cello performance in symphony orchestras
    • Undergraduate research on the molecular basis for antibiotic resistance
  • Program benefits:
    “… broad experience with how the medical field works as well as what it is like to work as a physician…will also gain insight into the workings of the healthcare system which could help me become a better physician..”


Cass H., General Focus Class of 2025

BS Biology, BA Creative Writing (Miami University)

  • Undergrad highlights
    • Veterinary Hospital assistant
    • Dormitory Resident Advisor
  • Program benefits:
    “… gain more knowledge of the human side of medicine…the COVID-19 pandemic limited the time I was able to observe in hospitals. With shadowing hours built into the program, I will explore various medical fields first-hand…”


Class of 2026

Jessica S., Leadership Focus Class of 2026

BA Zoology, (Miami University)

  • Undergrad highlights
    • Intern at Sunset Wildlife Connections, Florida
    • Miami University Honors Program
  • Program benefits:
    “I have been laser focused on becoming a veterinarian since grade school…the best way to demonstrate my readiness for veterinary school is by demonstrating success in a relevant Masters Program...”


Harris H., Leadership Focus Class of 2026

BS Biochemistry, BA Biology, Neuroscience minor (Miami University)

  • Undergrad highlights
    • Internship in Gastroenterology surgical clinic in Mexico
    • Just Duet Acapella choir
  • Program benefits:
    “… drawn to the one-on-one guidance given to each student involved in this program and the passion each staff member has for the student’s progress… the business certificate provides an alternate route into another side of the medical field...”