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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the deadlines for applying to the program?

We use rolling admissions with a priority and final deadline for the applications. 

For students who plan to start in May 2024, the priority application deadline is April 1, 2024.  The final deadline for May admissions is May 1, 2024 .

For students who plan to start in August 2024, the priority application deadline is June 1, 2024.  The final deadline for August admission is August 1, 2024.

What happens after I am admitted and accept the offer?

You will get a packet of material that describes course selection, registration and tuition. The packet will include an orientation schedule. The packet will also request information on Health Screening, current immunizations, and Criminal Background check information. You must complete that information before you can start taking classes and participating in the program.

What are the on-campus facilities for the MMSc?

The program is housed in the Clinical Health Science and Wellness Center. Some classes may also be offered in Hughes Laboratories, Pearson Hall, or other buildings on the beautiful Oxford, OH Miami campus.

What resources are available to students in the program?

The most important resource we offer is individualized, one-on-one advising and mentoring by experienced professionals in health care and professional education.

What campus resources help ensure student success?

Among the resources offered on campus for all students are the Student Health Center, the Student Counseling Center, and the Miller Center for Student Disability Services. For detailed information about safety and wellbeing at Miami University, see Safety and Wellbeing.

What faculty will teach my classes?

The pre-clinical core curriculum is taught by faculty in the Physician Associate Studies program. Electives are taught by graduate faculty from Biology, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Gerontology, Kinesiology, and Microbiology.

Can I obtain the M.M.Sc. as a part-time student?

To complete the program in 12 months, you need to follow our curricular plan.  Between the scheduled course work (9-13 graduate credit hours per semester) and the shadowing and mentoring activities, you will be participating full-time.

If I am a Miami undergraduate, will the Tuition Promise apply to the MMSc program?

No, the Tuition Promise is available only to undergraduate students.

Is there financial aid available for the MMSc program?

The MMSc program is eligible for federal financial aid using the FAFSA form.  The Graduate School provides a list of funding opportunities for graduate study, but the MMSc program does not have specific fellowships or scholarships for students.

What if I get accepted to healthcare professional school after I have committed to the MMSc program?

Congratulations! Please inform the MMSc program as soon as possible, so we can accept students on our waiting list.

When should students in the program apply to healthcare professional school?

Students in the General Focus curriculum (12 months) could enter the healthcare professional school admission cycle during the MMSc program if they enter the program with a strong MCAT or other test program.  Students in the Leadership curriculum (24 months) or students who still need to complete their professional school exam process will benefit from applying after completing at least two semesters in the program.  Students interested in PA school should consider our PA track with August start date and pay particular attention to the requirements for this option.

I have not completed a standardized exam (MCAT, OAT, GRE, etc.). Can I still apply for the program?

If you have completed the exam appropriate to your goals, please provide them to the program. If you do not have any exam scores, explain your exam plans and timing in your Personal Statement. Our individualized program can be optimized to your needs in terms of exams and other preparation for your next educational or career steps.  However, our program is not an MCAT preparation program and we do not have a specific MCAT or exam preparation course.

Will the program accept international students?

The program currently cannot accept international students who need a visa to study in the US.  International students should check back in with us periodically by email to see if our status has changed.

Does the MMSc program accept students who were not science majors?

Yes, as long as you have fulfilled the application course requirements. If you have not completed the course requirements, completing the Miami Premedical and Pre-Health Studies Certificate will help prepare you for the MMSc program.

Does the MMSc program accept individuals who have been out of school for several years?

You may want to complete the Miami Premedical and Pre-Health Studies Certificate to refresh your science education if you obtained your degree several years ago.

What are the GPA requirements for the MMSc program?

To obtain a graduate degree, you must maintain a GPA of 3.00 in your graduate coursework. The program provides individualized advising to ensure that students have all the tools they need to maintain their GPA.

Can you repeat courses in the MMSc program?

The required core PAS courses cannot be repeated, but there is a remediation process for students in grade difficulty in those courses.  A student can take up to three additional elective courses to maintain their GPA in case of grade difficulty in electives.

Is a thesis required for this master’s degree?

No, the MMSc is a nonthesis master’s degree. The culminating experience is the Capstone class, in which you will report on your growth during the program and your next career steps in a reflection paper and an oral presentation for your cohort and faculty.

When do students do shadowing and how much shadowing is required?

After matriculation, the Program Director will meet individually with each student to develop a shadowing plan.  The Capstone Class MMS 690 requires 100 hours of graduate-level shadowing during the MMSc program. In addition, each student’s prior experience and career interests will be used as the foundation for their individualized plan with a focus on additional shadowing or other experiences that will give them the strongest credentials for medical or other professional schools. Reflection on shadowing serves as the core of the Capstone experience.

What is the acceptance to healthcare professional school for graduates of the MMSc program?

Because this is a new program, we do not have data on success rates specific to the degree. The program builds on the strengths of the Miami academic experience and curriculum that yield a 60% acceptance rate for undergraduate applicants to professional school directly from a Miami Bachelor’s degree.

Is the program useful for students interested in Physician Associate/Assistant Studies?

The Biomedical Science curriculum may be particularly relevant to students who wish to pursue a Physicians Associate/Assistant degree.  Students who follow the recommended pre-PA Plan of Study for the Biomedical Science degree and who complete other specific requirements are eligible for an interview with the Miami University Physician Associate Studies program admissions committee. If admitted to the MU PAS program, students can use some courses to fulfill the requirements for both degrees, saving time and money by completing two M.M.Sc. degrees in concert.
  • Note: Obtaining an interview is not a guarantee of admission.

What is the tuition for this program?

The MMSc program has a Program Specific Tuition Rate as described at the One Stop registrar’s page. The rate is a flat rate independent of your state of residency. 

The tuition rate per credit hour is inclusive, there are no additional fees beyond the stated per credit hour rate.  Students may buy health insurance through Miami if they do not have other coverage, and would be charged the graduate student rate for that health insurance.