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Exhibit A (a triptych) and other poetry by Dragonfly Alum

Published in Honey & Lime magazine...

Exhibit A (a triptych) and other poetry by Dragonfly Alum

green walkthrough

Published in various literary magazines and online journals

“Hold close the bur oak, to the long and to the low branches that beckon…” –E. Levinson

Advanced Inquiry Program alum Elizabeth Levinson explores climate change and much more in these four poems. “Walk It Back,” a poem about discovery in nature appears in Minnow Literary Magazine, a digital publication of literary and visual creative works. “Exhibit A (a triptych)” appears in Honey and Lime, a literary magazine dedicated to the theme of climate change. “Domicile” explores the gifts of Earth and appears in Hawk and Whippoorwill, a publication of Pen & Anvil Press, the literary imprint of the Boston Poetry Union devoted to poems of nature and humankind. “The Wild Horses of Cumberland Island” appears in Alluvian, which began as a creative environmental online journal in 2015 and is now dedicated to the climate crisis and to social justice issues.