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K-12 School and Community Visitors

Adventures in Art

Committed docents bring art alive in your classroom with hands-on art-making and demonstrations designed for children in grades 2-5.

Grade 2: Painting

Students explore why artists create art, what tools and materials painters use,  differences in artworks, and how art principles affect what we see.

Grade 3: Ceramics

Students investigate processes used by Native Americans to create artworks, combine ideas with materials and techniques to make a work of art, learn to respond to art, and learn how art interprets time and culture.

Grade 4: Textiles

Create artworks using procedures borrowed from another country (tie dyeing), explore how textile techniques have changed over time, discover how religious beliefs and values are reflected in art.

Grade 5: Printmaking

Develop personal expression through making a print in the classroom, explore different printmaking techniques, understand other cultures and times through the study of prints.

Field Trips

Docent-led tours are available Tuesday through Friday for school groups, during the hours from 10 am-5 pm (earlier arrivals may be arranged).

We ask teachers to schedule tours at least three weeks in advance of your visit. Self-guided tours are also welcomed with advance notice. Tours last approximately sixty minutes. Typically the museum can accommodate sixty students in the galleries.

For more information or to schedule a visit, please email Please include the following information in your e-mail or voicemail:

  • Group name
  • Expected number of students / Grade
  • Contact name, phone number, and email
  • Exhibit(s) you’d like to view
  • Preferred date and time for your tour
  • Special needs your group might have