Upcoming Exhibitions

Fall 2020



Broadsheets and Calaveras: 
José Guadalupe Posada (Douglass Gallery)
The art of the “calaveras” (skeletons) in Mexican broadsides is synonymous with José Guadalupe Posada and the sensationalized news printed by Antonio Vanegas Arroyo. The broadsides were intended for the lower class as a means of news and entertainment that were in opposition to the standards of the Mexican elite. Posada became best known for his whimsical “calaveras” and elevated the use of the skeleton in newsprint as satirical commentary on society as a whole.

Tonality: Light & Dark in Black & White Photography (FOTOFOCUS 2020) 
(McKie Gallery)
This exhibition looks at the formal qualities of black and white photography, with particular attention to the subtle or abrupt gradations of tonality as affected by light. Tonal ranges can draw the viewer’s attention and manipulate their focal point(s) in a work, heighten the experience of the place, events, people, et cetera that set the emotional tone for how a viewer interprets an image.

A Continental Journey: European Travel Posters Between the Wars (Farmer Gallery)
A Continental Journey transports visitors across Europe, showing off the beautiful sights, sounds and culture of cities across the Continent. This journey also explores the role of tourism propaganda during the aftermath of WWI through the late 1940s as Europe was engaged in and recovering from WWII. Along the way, visitors will learn about the process of lithography, a popular medium for producing the vintage travel posters on display.