Upcoming Exhibitions


Fall 2019

AUG 27–DEC 14, 2019

Cutting the Grain (Douglass Gallery)
This exhibition takes a look at the characteristics and artistic qualities of woodcut and wood engravings from a survey of prints in the Art Museum’s collection. The exhibition highlights the nuances of wood planographic prints, including materials, tools and techniques first used in China nearly 1,400 years ago, which reached international popularity in the 15th through the 18th centuries.

Breverman Ancient Ceramics (McKie Gallery)
In 2013, the Miami University Art Museum received a gift of approximately 125 ancient ceramic oil lamps and an assortment of small vessels from the collection of Harvey and Deborah Breverman. The exhibition of ancient objects produced between 1000-900 BCE through the 15th century will explore the production, historical typology, iconography, cultural references and the evolution of these ancient ceramics.

Life Cycles: Death (Farmer Gallery)
This exhibition is an exploration of funerary practices, and religious and cultural beliefs, found in many world cultures in celebration and commemoration of the departed. This exhibition, consisting of approximately 40 objects from the MUAM collection, represents diverse cultures, including ancient Egyptian, ancient Roman, ancient Etruscan, ancient Greek, Pre-Columbian and Nigerian.


Spring 2020

JAN 28—JUN 13, 2020

Circling ‘Round (Douglass Gallery)
In this sixth juried Student Response Exhibition, Miami students are called upon to present unique and diverse commentaries on what constitutes a “circle.” Interpretations are subject to the student’s personal perspective, major/minor, culture, age, experiences, etcetera. Cash prizes for the best three works are provided by the Art Museum’s Membership Committee. Voting will be conducted by visitors to the exhibition. Come visit and explore the creative contributions Miami students are making to the arts.

Myaamia Ribbonwork (McKie Gallery)
This community-curated exhibition is developed together with the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma and will provide historical context and background to the contemporary revival of ribbonwork among the Miami people. 
The exhibition will correspond to the 20th anniversary of the proposal to establish the Myaamia Project and in conjunction with the 2020 Myaamiaki Conference at 
Miami University.

East-West Exchange (Art History Capstone Exhibition) 
(Farmer Gallery)
Under the guidance of Dr. Michael Hatch, Assistant Professor of Art & Architecture History, and Art Museum staff, students in the Fall 2019 Capstone class will curate an exhibition that looks at the exchange of art and ideas between Asia and countries in the West. Works in the exhibition date from the 18th century to the early 20th century and present a variety of forms. Capstone students will have the opportunity to select the works, contextualize relationships, and present an in-depth study of the topic.