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Museums and Society Minor

Open to all majors, the Museums and Society minor provides a critical understanding of museums as collections-based institutions. It is especially appropriate for students planning a professional career in education, libraries, anthropology, art and architecture history, history and associated fields. Students in the minor gain hands-on experience of current methods and approaches in the museum field through competent and creative research on objects, collections and collecting institutions.

Miami students completing the minor will…

  • Know and use the vocabulary, descriptive terminology and basic methods of the museum
  • Assess and defend the value and meaning of collections and objects.
  • Assess and defend the value and purpose of the collecting institution or individual.
  • Explain the dynamic network of contemporary museums and related institutions, including virtual collections.
  • Conduct competent and creative research on objects, collections and institutions.
  • Recognize the requirements for permission to use or publish images and objects.
  • Identify and differentiate media through a careful examination of the original object.
  • Obtain foundational knowledge in contemporary practices of museum operations.
  • Explore collections management policies and practices.
  • Examine and identify methods of conservation, preservation, access and storage.
  • Develop skills in interpretation and exhibitions development.
  • Understand the role of education and outreach to serve diverse audiences.
  • Examine the future of museums in relation to the visitor experience.
  • Understand and have basic knowledge of digital tools associated with the museum field.

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