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The Department of Art's special responsibility is to promote the arts and prepare students at various levels, depending on their intent and level of focus. We offer everything from intense graduate work and professional undergraduate majors to individual sprint courses and non-degree workshops for individuals at more of a hobbyist level.


Art Education (B.S.)

Prepare for teaching excellence in a program that readies you not only for teaching certification but for the transformative opportunities that come after, instilling a love of the arts in young minds.

Art and Architecture History (B.A.)

Develop an understanding of human civilization as it has evolved over thousands of years, using creative media as your textbook to culture, politics, and human nature.

Studio Art (B.F.A. or B.A.)

Unlock your career potential with a B.F.A. in Studio Art by honing your practical and soft skills, or broaden your horizons with a B.A. by exploring diverse creative avenues beyond graduation.

Graduate Programs

At Miami, our graduate students include artists, designers, and teachers who enjoy being part of an engaged and supportive community while reaching their professional goals. Students are supported by graduate faculty who are practicing, internationally exhibiting artists, researchers, and designers who embrace creativity and innovation.

Non-Degree Courses

The Department of Art offers non-degree seeking courses, for a simple course fee and no tuition, through our Art Center in Phillips Hall. These courses are scheduled throughout the year, including winter and summer terms, and for varying lengths of time.

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Study Abroad

The Department of Art offers several diverse international experiences. In the past we have offered art/design experiences in Paris, London, Italy, Czech Republic, and Korea. Art education majors may elect to student teach in Europe as well.

the Eiffel tower in Paris, France

Michael Lecture Series

The John A. and Betty J. Michael Autobiographical Lecture Series in Art Education was in initiated by Dr. John Michael with a generous gift from he and his wife, Betty, in 1972 when Edwin Ziegfeld lectured at Miami University. Outstanding educators who have retired or are near retirement are invited to present autobiographical lectures in the series noting the influences which have shaped their philosophy about art education and the arts.

John and Betty Michael

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