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Student Resources and Opportunities

Study Abroad and Away

Over-the-Rhine Fall Residency, Cincinnati (ARC)

The Over-the-Rhine Residency Program is open to all majors and provides the unique opportunity to participate in a for-credit, semester-long residential immersion program in the Over-the-Rhine Community.

Digital Innovation Centers, Luxembourg, San Francisco, and Cincinnati (ETBD)

A student at any of the Innovation Centers spends four days a week in a co-op role; this can occur with an established tech firm or with one of the most dynamic startups in the world.  One day each week students go behind the scenes for private sessions with principals from startups, accelerators, and the world of venture funding.  Students contribute to the thriving startup cultures in their respective locales, even as they build professional networks that can persist throughout their careers.

Germany: The Rosenheim Exchange Program

This exchange program is located in Rosenheim, southeast of Munich. Students get the chance to study a full semester in Rosenheim in studios of interior design, architecture, visual communications, design theory, product design and more.

Creative Arts Scholars

Creative Arts Scholars are a part of the newly created University Academic Scholars Program. Students do not apply for this program but are chosen from a pool of outstanding applicants to join a community that represents bright and talented students from around the world.

The Scholars community at Miami offers unique opportunities for motivated and academically talented students to enhance their undergraduate experience. As a Scholar, students will develop close ties to our nationally recognized faculty, and have access to exclusive co-curricular opportunities. They will also receive a $2,000 scholarship that is specific to University Academic Scholars Program participants and is in addition to other merit scholarships for which they may qualify. 

As a Creative Arts Scholar, the students are guaranteed numerous benefits unique to the program. As the program evolves, the College of Creative Arts will continue to provide additional opportunities for scholars. The current benefits include:

  • They will have the opportunity to take part in personal conversations, seminars, and receptions with visiting artists, performers, scholars, and designers. 
  • In addition, they will be able to take advantage of funded off-campus experiential learning opportunities, such as traveling to a major city to meet with alumni, visit art museums, go behind the scenes at music and theatre productions, and visit the studios or firms of practicing artists, architects and designers.
  • Alumni in their field will serve as mentors, offering guidance as they explore elements of their chosen artistic pursuits to prepare for the future.
  • Creative Arts Scholars will have unique participation opportunities in events at the Miami University Art Museum and the University Performing Arts Series.

College of Creative Arts

The arts at Miami University didn't evolve on a whim—they were challenged, inspired, modernized, and made more relevant by each new generation of artists. Welcome to the College of Creative Arts, with degree programs that range from the classical to the contemporary.