Centers and Institutes

Socially Engaged Engineering and Computing

The Socially Engaged Engineering and Computing is a philosophy centered around using engineering and computing, as well as incorporating other disciplines, in order to connect with the world outside the classroom, and to be able to use engineering and computing for the betterment of society.

Miami University Center for Assistive Technology

The Center for Assistive Technology is an interdisciplinary center working collaboratively with Scripps Gerontology Center as well as the Center for Social Entrepreneurship in Farmer School of Business.

Paper Science and Engineering Foundation

The Paper Science and Engineering Foundation augments the academic curriculum delivered by the Chemical, Paper and Biomedical Engineering (CPB) Department. We provide the little things that make a big difference to the students: merit based scholarships and key networking contacts to get great jobs.

Lockheed Martin Leadership Institute

The Lockheed Martin Leadership Institute is working to cultivate leaders who will flourish in their professions and lives by

  • Thinking strategically
  • Working collaboratively with others
  • Effectively communicating their ideas
  • Finding innovative solutions to society's most complex problems