Female student working on metal in MME lab
Male student using a grinder on metal in a lab
 Students studying in Lockheed Martin Leadership Institute
 2 male students working on a drone with Dean Dollar
 Female students studying in Benton Hall
A female student studies in the Idea Kitchen in the Lockheed Martin Leadership Institute
Male student working with chemicals under a fume hood

Our mission is to serve society by providing high-quality undergraduate and graduate education in engineering and computing. We are committed to creating an environment for teaching, learning, and scholarship that is intellectually stimulating, interactive, and innovative in which students, faculty, and staff realize their full potential. Our guiding principle is to provide professional education integrated with Miami University's traditional strength in liberal education.

We work continually to assess and improve teaching, learning, and critical thinking; to engage in scholarship of discovery, application, integration, and teaching; to contribute to the accumulated knowledge of the centuries through faculty and student research; to encourage creativity; and to promote the continuing intellectual growth of our community.