Departments and Programs

Everything—every process, every material we use, every medicine we take—depends upon a chemical reaction. Chemical engineers create products and processes in areas as diverse as pharmaceuticals, energy, environment, and pulp and paper science. Bioengineers work in similar areas developing engineering solutions for healthcare-related problems and processes.

Today, computers are in everything, everywhere. This fact is making computer scientists and software engineers indispensable because they are the ones leading the way in developing the next generation systems of mobile apps, virtual reality software, and computational biological analysis. They seek to understand society’s needs, and once they do, they create software systems that make a difference for society. As more of the world runs on software the need for these people will only continue to grow.

From designing the circuits in the technology we all use throughout the day to developing the energy smart grid these devices rely on, we all depend on electrical engineers. If a product is powered by or produces electricity, chances are an electrical or computer engineer developed it. Electrical and computer engineers combine electrical engineering and computing to design technologies as diverse as robots, cell phones, GPS devices, and computers.

In one of the broadest engineering disciplines, mechanical and manufacturing engineers research, develop, analyze, design, manufacture, and test a wide range of tools and systems. From developing sensors to designing cars, aircraft, and everything in between, these engineers are the minds behind most of the technology we depend on every day.

How far can an interest in business and engineering take you? Students who major in Engineering Management get to find out. By combining a business focus with a technical specialty of their choice, they prepare themselves to be the project manager or consultant who leads teams to develop exciting new products and designs. Our General Engineering program provides a rigorous foundation in engineering concepts and problem-solving that prepares students for advanced work in a wide variety of fields such as law, business, and medicine. (The General Engineering program is no longer available for the class of 2024)