Study Abroad

Study abroad is a great way to improve your understanding of the global nature of today's economy, politics, and cultures.  If you are interested in study abroad, the first step is to discuss your plans with your faculty academic advisor.  Your advisor can help you plan your study abroad experience without delaying your degree progress.

Opportunities for faculty-led international studies are available within and outside of the College of Engineering and Computing (CEC). Students interested in studying abroad are encouraged to view the Education Abroad website.

Some of our study abroad programs in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department are shown below. To see all opportunities within the College of Engineering and Computing, please visit our main page.

Photo of Italy

Term: Summer 2018

Faculty Contacts: Daniela Inclezan and Luis Pradanos-Garcia

Courses: CSE 270, EAS 230

Photo of Luxembourg

Term: Any semester

Faculty and courses may vary

Photo of Puerto Rico

Term: Winter 2018

Faculty Contact: Qihou Zhou

Courses: ECE 302, 395, 427, 527 (Choose 1 or 2)