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Research and Innovation

Zhijiang Ye, Ph.D. selected for the Lam Research 2023 Unlock Ideas Award

This prestigious award includes a $50,000 donation in support of Professor Ye’s research.

Lam Research 2023 Unlock Ideas Award Recipient Zhijiang Ye, Ph.D.
Research and Innovation

Zhijiang Ye, Ph.D. selected for the Lam Research 2023 Unlock Ideas Award

 Zhijiang (Justin) Ye, Ph.D., a professor in Miami University’s Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering department, was recently selected for a 2023 Unlock Ideas award from Lam Research. This award includes a $50,000 donation in support of his research. 

Professor Ye was selected for his work in comprehending and investigating plasma discharge within semiconductor fabrication equipment. He partnered with Dr. Jun Yan from Silfex, a Lam Research company, applying Dr. Yan’s extensive industry knowledge and resources to augment the quality and applicability of their research proposal.

“Our research proposal centers on unraveling the intricacies that contribute to discharge events in semiconductor fabrication—a phenomenon characterized by the ignition of stray plasma due to undesirable discharge, resulting in visible sparks,” said Professor Ye. “Our goal is to provide clear and convincing knowledge to guide Silicon electrode design and manufacturing.”  

Collaborations and partnerships between industry and academia are a crucial part of the research process. “We look forward to partnering with Silfex, whose expertise and support will play a vital role throughout the entire process and will be pivotal in realizing the goals of the project,” said Professor Ye.

Silfex’s knowledge of semiconductor manufacturing processes and access to substrates and equipment, combined with Dr. Ye’s work in the understanding of these discharge events, exemplifies the importance of industry partnerships in academia.

The Lam Foundation grant opportunity will enhance the education of College of Engineering and Computing (CEC) students by granting them the opportunity to learn advanced methodologies that are currently relevant within the semiconductor industry.

Learn more about Professor Ye’s research here. You can learn more about the Lam Unlock Ideas program by following this link.