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Computer Science and Software Engineering

Jessie Gentles '25

Jessie Gentles '25
Computer Science and Software Engineering

Jessie Gentles '25

  • Hometown: Kingston, Jamaica
  • Class: 2025
  • Majors: Software Engineering
  • Out-of-Classroom Experiences/Interests:
    • Teaching Assistant, Object-Oriented Programming
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I'm glad I chose to come to Miami because there's always something to do on campus. There are many students in many different disciplines so there's always someone to talk to, always something new to learn about.
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Jessie Gentles '25

Why Miami?

I searched through a lot of schools, probably 20 different schools. And I ended up applying to five. I ended up I chose Miami because of the campus — I thought it was very pretty. And it also had a wide variety of different disciplines, so I could take classes in many different majors if I wanted to.

What Do You Like About Your Major?

I love studying Software Engineering at Miami because I find my professors to be very open. They're always available if you have any questions, and there's a wide variety of classes that you can take.

Favorite Course So Far?

The class that I've enjoyed the most is Cybersecurity 234. It is system administration and scripting for cybersecurity. I like being able to use the different terminals to try out the scripting.

Where Do You Find Support When You Need It?

For support I typically go to professors, or as an international student I also sometimes go to the International Admissions Office (ISS). I find most people at Miami to be pretty open and willing to help you if you ask for help.

Have You Always Been Interested in Software Engineering?

My interest in software engineering began in my senior year of high school when I took a introduction coding class in Python. We always had these small little problems to solve for weekly assignments. And I always looked forward to figuring out what logic I needed to use in order to solve problems. I've always loved puzzles and problem-solving. So I just thought it fit very well for me.

What Do You Like About Being a Teaching Assistant (TA)?

I was asked to be a teaching assistant (TA) after my first year at Miami. One of my professors reached out to me and asked if I wanted to be TA for Object-Oriented Programming. And I said yes.

As a TA, I've gotten the chance to build my own skills as well. So along with helping students with their assignments and helping them with understanding concepts in object-oriented programming, I also get to build my own skills and even realize the areas where I wasn't as strong when I took the class. So that has been a fun experience for me.