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Faculty Information

General Policies

  • Students cannot schedule an exam through the RLC Testing Center without the Testing Center Agreement being completed by faculty in the Students Accessing Miami system (SAM).
  • To complete the Testing Center Agreement, upload an exam, or view students' scheduled exams, please visit the "Alternative Testing" page in your SAM portal.
  • In the Testing Center Agreement, faculty should inform students and the RLC Testing Center of what materials are allowed to be brought into the examination room (i.e. calculators, notes, books, computers). Generally, the Rinella Learning Center does not allow students to take any items into the exam room beyond writing utensils and the exam.
    • An agreement will need to be completed for each course section.
  • Students are encouraged to schedule their exam with the RLC Testing Center at the same time as the normal class testing time. If the student cannot take the exam at that time due to extended time accommodations and class conflicts, the student will be encouraged to schedule the exam as close to the normal testing time as possible.
  • In order for us to serve students effectively, exams must be received by noon the day before the scheduled exam. If the exam is not received by this time, it may be necessary to reschedule the exam for a different day or time.
  • Exam rooms are passively monitored and recorded via camera at all times. If our staff observes any potentially dishonest behavior, we will send an email reporting the behavior. We do not evaluate student behavior, only document and report any potentially dishonest behavior to the faculty. Additionally, if we observe any materials that the student is not allowed to have in the exam, we will return these in the envelope with the exam if possible. Faculty members are also allowed to view the recording of the student taking the exam if they suspect academic dishonesty.

Before Student Schedules an Exam

Please inform your students that they are required to schedule exams through the RLC Testing Center at least two full business days prior to taking the exam. Students can schedule their exams in the SAM system or by calling the RLC Testing Center (513-529-8715).  When calling the Testing Center, students will be asked to provide pertinent information when scheduling an exam (see below).

  • Name
  • Miami email address
  • Name of the class for the exam
  • Instructor’s name
  • Instructor’s email address
  • Which of their approved accommodations they are using for the exam
  • Any additional accommodations needed (reading assistance, etc.)

After Student Schedules an Exam

After a student schedules an exam, the SAM system will generate an email to the faculty to inform them of the scheduled exam and to obtain the exam if it is to be printed/administered on paper. You will receive a separate email for each student and we require that you submit your exam separately for each student who uses our services. The email will contain a link to upload the exam into the SAM system. You can also (if you choose) submit the exam to the Testing Center email By uploading the exam into SAM or sending the exam via email, you are verifying that the student has your permission to take the exam through the RLC Testing Center.  In addition to submitting the exam, we will also need the following information from you:

  • Any special instructions for this exam (outside of the information provided in the Testing Center Agreement already submitted in SAM).
    • Special instructions could include open-book or open-note, special files needed for the exam, computer or calculator access needed, etc.
  • Once we receive the exam, we will be able to proctor your student’s exam. As noted above, students are generally responsible for returning their exams to you.
  • Faculty members are required to send exams to the RLC Testing Center by noon the business day before the student is scheduled to take an exam. If the exam is not received by this time, the exam may need to be rescheduled for a different day or time.
    • If an exam is online, there is no need to upload the exam.
    • For Canvas exams, please make sure to set both exam availability and the time limit to account for the student's scheduled timeframe and their time accommodations.


  • If a student contacts us to reschedule an exam, we ask them for confirmation that they have cleared this change with you. You will also receive an email from SAM alerting you that the exam scheduled has changed.

After Student Takes the Exam

  • Students will return the exam to you in the manner which you specified in the Testing Center Agreement (or additional information provided when you submitted the exam to us). For paper exams, students can return the exam to you in our sealed, tamper-evident and confidential envelope or you can pick them up at the front desk in Shriver Center Room 306. We cannot be responsible for personally delivering, mailing, or scanning completed exams.
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