Let's Play: Improved Instruction through Re-Experiencing Learning using Tabletop Games

Eligibility: Full/part-time teaching faculty/instructors, librarians, staff, and graduate students

Amount: Each participant will receive $500 in professional development funds

Submission: Online Application

Due Date: May 27, 2022

Purpose and Description

The purpose of this community is to use the medium of board games to elicit discussion of teaching experiences and allow members to feel those experiences first-hand in a shortened amount of time. Members will get to experience, once again, what it feels like to be a learner by being exposed to new ideas/systems via the games and be able to relate their experiences back into methods they can use in their classroom when instructing students who are typically at a similar level (lack of) of knowledge in a topic. Educators who are very familiar with the topics they teach, often forget what it is like to be unfamiliar with the content. This FLC aims to bring that feeling to the forefront of instructional reflection as well as to have the opportunity to teach a set of peer learners to get feedback on their teaching. 


Members will:

  • learn a game, play a game, and discuss the nature of the topic as a reflection of the experience during their meetings,
  • be expected to apply (some of) the concepts learned throughout the meetings within one of their spring semester classes; document the process, observations, and other reflections. The members will then discuss their projects with the FLC to gain suggestions and insights. 
  • will be expected to attend and participate in face-to-face 2 hr. meetings approximately every 3 weeks. 


  • Peter Jamieson, Electrical & Computer Engineering; Co-facilitator
  • Eric Rapos, Computer Software and Software Engineering; Co-facilitator
  • Claire McLeod, Geology and Environmental Earth Science
  • Juan Carlos Albarran, Global and Intercultural Studies
  • Karen Davis, Computer Science and Software Engineering
  • Brady Nash, Teacher Education
  • Gaile Pohlhaus, Philosophy
  • Mark Sidebottom, Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering
  • Byran Smucker, Statistics
  • John Williams, University Libraries