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Undergraduate Programs

Community, Leadership, and Social Change Minor

Students will explore leadership as it is practiced in communities, organizations, and public institutions. Explorations of leadership as a critical activity for contemporary public life in a democratic society.

Outdoor Leadership Certificate

This program is for students interested in pursuing professional or leisure opportunities leading youth or adult learners in outdoor sports, adventure learning excursions, or activities.

Graduate Programs

Curriculum and Instruction, M.Ed.

Miami University's online curriculum and instruction master's degree empowers teachers and community educators to create inclusive and effective educational environments. 

Educational Leadership, Ed.D.

The Doctorate of Education (Ed.D) in Educational Leadership (EDL) is a practice-based program for educational leaders working in P-12 contexts and institutions who will engage with issues of equity, ethics, and social justice to create solutions to complex problems of educational practice.

Educational Leadership, Ph.D.

We offer an integrated approach to educational leadership that embraces the new world of education so that leaders are prepared to meet the needs of diverse student populations and communities through an array of educational institutions and programs.

The Ph.D. program also offers an Interdisciplinary option that is individualized for the needs of students in new and emerging fields as well as in traditional disciplines.

Student Affairs in Higher Education (SAHE)

Through a blend of coursework and practical experiences, the SAHE program educates student affairs professionals who are prepared to address contemporary challenges of student affairs practice.

Educational Administration Programs

Superintendent Licensure

The program recognizes that school administration must change to reflect the more collaborative organizational structure of schools. In a participatory structure, problems are solved in teams where members collaborate and share their experiences and specialized knowledge.

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