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International Graduate Certificate Exchange Program

The Department of Sport Leadership and Management (SLAM) is excited to offer a unique opportunity for graduate students to study abroad for one semester at Lunex International University of Health, Exercise & Sport, located in Differdange, Luxembourg. Students will earn an international graduate certificate in sport, while living in the heart of Europe.

Going Places...

Miami University and Lunex University have partnered to provide their graduate students with coursework that counts toward a graduate certificate (abroad) and master’s degree at their home university. The exchange program provides strong academic mentoring, experiential learning, and a welcoming learning community. Students will explore the sport industry in an immersive international context with the opportunity to build networks of sport industry professionals in the US and abroad.

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Information for Miami Degree Students

LUNEX University is located in the heart of Differdange’s Sports Park. Differdange itself is located in southern Luxembourg and is the third largest city in Luxembourg, with 27,000 residents. It offers access to many outdoor activities and the community has a wide range of sports clubs.

All coursework is offered in English. Enrolled students will take twenty Lunex University credits (equivalent to ten Miami University credits) to complete a certificate program that addresses best practices and challenges in a global sport industry. Eight of these Lunex University credit hours may be applied toward the SLAM master’s degree curricular requirements. 

Miami degree students will pay the same tuition for courses taken abroad that they would have paid on the Oxford campus. Students may not be on a Miami University graduate assistantship nor is one available during the semester abroad.

Learn more about becoming an international student at Lunex.

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Information for Lunex Degree Students

Miami University is located in Oxford, Ohio, USA, a community that is frequently voted among the country’s best and most beautiful college towns with 23,000 community members, including 18,000 university students. Oxford offers miles of hiking trails, a nearby state park, quick access to metro Cincinnati, Ohio, home to multiple professional sports teams. Oxford is also 4 hours from Chicago, Illinois.

Lunex University students may take coursework that leads to a graduate certificate in content area such asSport Analytics, Sport Management, or Sport PsychologyStudents will work with a faculty advisor from both universities to select a minimum of 12 graduate credit hours (equivalent to 24 ECTS). Lunex University faculty will advise students on which courses may be applied toward a Lunex University degree requirements.

Lunex University students will pay the same tuition for courses taken abroad that they would have paid on the Lunex campus. Students will have all of the rights and responsibilities enjoyed by other Miami students while studying in the U.S. No Miami graduate assistantship or other institutional financial assistance is available during the semester abroad

Learn more about graduate student life and becoming an international student at Miami.

Classes for Graduate Certificates in Sport Leadership and Management

The list of courses below is for Fall Semester - (Approximately August 20 – December 15). Course credit hours are denoted with parentheses. Courses from other academic departments are available to students upon request (e.g., Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Esports, or Internship).

SLM 513 - Sport Economics (3)

This course engages students with real-world sports stories and incorporates empirical research and statistical analysis to introduce the application of basic statistics, standard economic theory, and behavioral economics. Students will critically examine economic issues affecting the world of sports including: the basics of sport economics, organization of professional sport leagues; public finance of sport; and the market for labor in professional sport.

SLM 514 – Facilities and Event Mgt. in Sport (3)

Facilities and Event Management in Sport (3) A comprehensive focus on the planning, funding, and operation of sporting events and sport/recreation facilities of all types.

SLM 516 - Sport Marketing (3)

Sport Marketing (3) Provides an overview of various aspects of sport marketing, or the business of promoting and selling products and services in the sport industry.

SLM 572 - Sport Administration (3)

Sport Administration (3) Provides relevant theoretical and practical application of management strategies and administrative principles within sport organizations. Offers an overview of organizational structures, functions, and policies of local, regional, national, and international sport governing bodies.

SLM 575 - Women Gender and Sport (3)

Explores the meanings of women's participation in sport and physical activity using sociological, feminist, and cultural studies perspectives. Special consideration given to the ideological significance of sport in U.S. culture and ways in which sporting women accept and challenge contemporary gender relations.

SLM 632 - Psychological Foundations in Sport (3)

Examines theory and research related to individual difference factors (e.g., personality, motivation, anxiety, confidence) that affect cognitions, affect, behavior and performance in sport.

SLM 634 - Social Psychology of Sport (3)

Social Psychology of Sport and Exercise (3) Examination and analysis of theory and research relating to social psychological factors and group dynamics affecting sport and exercise behavior.

SLM 676 - Cultural Studies of Sport (3)

Critically interrogates US sport as an important socio-cultural institution and as a site for the production, reproduction and contestation of gender, race and class ideologies.

Exchange Admission

Eligible students will be currently enrolled master’s degree candidates at Miami University in either Sport Analytics or Sport Leadership and Management, or at Lunex University in Sport Management and Digitalisation degree programs. Each institution's faculty will nominate their students for the graduate certificate exchange program consideration.

Selected applicants must meet the admission requirements of the host institution. Home institutions will assist their applicants with visa application and advising support.

Lunex University students will submit our certificate application along with copies of unofficial transcripts and the biographical page of passports, provide evidence of English proficiency and ability to fund the estimated costs of attendance. Additional details, deadlines and steps to campus arrival are available under the LUNEX Exchange tab. Enrollment is limited; please apply early.

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For Miami University Certificates

Melissa Chase, Chair and Professor
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For LUNEX University Certificate

Fraser Carson, Assistant Professor in Coaching and Sport Psychology, Program Leader Bachelor in Sport and Exercise Science
LUNEX University International University of Health, Exercise and Sports
50, Avenue du Parc des Sports
L-4671 Differdange, Luxembourg
Tel: +352 288 494-26

Sport Leadership and Management

This program prepares students to succeed in leadership positions in the sport industry (recreational to professional, youth to adult) by providing them with knowledge and skills to critically analyze and innovatively engage in the business and culture of sport.

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