Spring Semester 2018 Schedule Overview

Outlet Mall Bus Trip | April 21, afternoon (time to be announced later)

Graduation Celebration Dinner | May 18, 5:30pm | Armstrong Pavilion C


Start of Term Reminders

  • Update local U.S. address. Students can update their off-campus school address online.
  • Enroll full-time in coursework.
  • Review online enrollment guidelines.
  • Deadline to apply for May graduation is March 2
  • Spring Break will be March 19-23
  • Midterm grades viewable March 23
  • Deadline to withdraw from full semester course is April 9

Important Academic Dates

  • Last day to apply for May graduation is Feb 23
  • Last Day to Drop from a Course with "W" is April 9
  • Last Day to Change to/from Audit is April 9
  • Last Possible Day of Classes is May 12
  • Final Exam Week is May 14–19
  • Submit Grades by Noon, May 22
  • Grades Viewable to Students (Subject to Change) May 24