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Sustainability at Miami

Miami University is committed to sustainability in our academic programs, physical campus and operations, and university mission by promoting environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic viability for current and future generations. This commitment is a collaborative effort that involves students, faculty, staff and external partners.

Climate Commitment: 2040

Miami University commits to carbon neutrality by 2040,

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View Miami's PCLC Climate Commitment progress

Miami University became a signatory of Second Nature's Presidents' Climate Leadership Commitments - Climate Commitment in Sept. 2020, committing to reaching carbon neutrality in emissions associated with energy-based emissions, campus fleet, and commuting and university-financed air travel (Scope 3).

Decarbonizing campus


Energy-based carbon emissions reduction since 2008


Energy-based carbon emissions reduction per building gross square foot since 2008


Greenhouse gas (MTCO2e) reduction since 2019

Sustainability Dashboard

The Miami 2040 Plan strategy to decarbonize our energy-based emissions is to further reduce energy consumption; complete the transition of building heating and cooling systems off steam; produce zero-emissions energy on-site; procure purchased electricity from renewable sources; and offset the remainder.

View our progress toward decarbonization on the Dashboard. 

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Sustainability Progress

Waste management: Recycling

Miami makes it easy to recycle: Single stream recycling allows plastics, cardboard, paper, metal, and glass to all be recycled together in one bin. Composting food waste in Armstrong Student Center began in fall semester — a collaboration between the Office of Sustainability, Armstrong Student Center, and Aramark Dining Services. Smart Waste Stations help educate users on proper disposal.

Academic programs

More than half of Miami's academic departments offer sustainability-focused or sustainability-related courses. Check the Program Finder ( to help find a sustainability-related major, minor, or program based on your interests.

2023-2024 Focus program: Environmental Justice

The FOCUS initiative is teaming up with the John W. Altman Program in the Humanities for the theme Environmental Justice for 2023-2024. The two programs are bringing speakers to campus and sponsoring events through which we can learn about the issues, problems, and solutions associated with environmental justice.

Miami Plan 2023: Signature Inquiry on Sustainability and Resilience

The Miami Plan (2023) includes a Sustainability and Resilience as one of five Signature Inquiry areas students may choose from. Signature Inquiry courses encourage faculty and students working in different academic disciplines and interdisciplinary departments to connect with one another in addressing the same urgent needs in today's world that require understanding and solutions.

Get involved

Join a student organization, explore the Miami University Natural Areas, take part in research.

Join a student organization

EcoReps promote sustainable living in Residence Halls through specialty recycling, educational programming, the water bottle project, trash audits and more. Follow them on Instagram @muecoreps. Zero Waste Oxford and the Food Recovery Network are some of the nearly 10 other active sustainability-oriented student organizations on campus.