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We encourage students to explore the many resources found on the MUDEC website before scheduling advising appointments. Most of the information you seek can be found on this site, including but not limited to: course information, accommodation options, costs, scholarship opportunities, application cycles, and the steps for applying. If you have academic-related questions and concerns, those are best dealt by meeting with your academic advisor. Click below to learn more about advising options and steps to get closer to planning your term abroad in Luxembourg!

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Current Miami students planning to apply to the Miami University Dolibois European Center (MUDEC) program should meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum 2.5 Miami GPA
  • Currently a full-time student in good academic and disciplinary standing; prior disciplinary violations will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and are not an automatic disqualifier
  • Have completed two semesters at Miami (by start of desired MUDEC term)
  • Summer Internship students should be former MUDEC students only.

In addition to the eligibility criteria listed, students will be evaluated based on the strength of their overall application. Consideration is based on the merits of the overall application as well as responses to posed questions which evaluate student interest, leadership, personal goals, and global readiness to attend a semester abroad.

Non-Miami (Transient) and International Students

Non-Miami (Transient) Students

If you are not a Miami student and still wish to be considered for the MUDEC program, please email with subject line "Transient Student Information Request," before applying. Specific information and a detailed process will be provided to you with subsequent steps.

International Students

MUDEC is not a degree program. International students who seek a Miami degree should contact International Admissions before considering a direct application to this program.


All students at Miami University are encouraged to participate in the MUDEC program after having completed at least two semesters of college.

When determining the best term to study at MUDEC, students should consider sequencing of classes and completion of degree requirements. Most students study at MUDEC their junior year, however, we do have many sophomores and seniors at MUDEC as well. We strongly recommend that first-year students begin planning for a semester in Luxembourg as soon as possible, because an increasing number of students are finding that the best term to study at MUDEC is during sophomore year.

Students should be sure to check with an academic advisor regarding specific academic planning for a summer and/or semester program at MUDEC, then apply 6-9 months prior to the desired term of study.

Step 1: Apply

  • Step 1 of the MUDEC process is to complete the application. All important dates and deadlines are listed under each specific semester page provided in the Study section. Students will complete the multi-step application process as indicated, including, but not limited to application completion, application fee payment, and scholarship essay consideration.
  • For students’ applications to be processed for review, hitting the SUBMIT button is crucial. The SUBMIT button will appear once your application fee has been processed by our office. Check back 24-48 hours after initial payment.
  • All applications will be made available on the MUDEC website approximately one year before the semester begins. We strongly encourage students to meet with advisors.
  • All specific dates concerning your MUDEC application can be found under the Calendar heading in the semester-specific Study page.


Information regarding scholarships is available at Education Abroad Finances and Scholarships. Students also must indicate interest in being considered for scholarships and complete the scholarship essay in their MUDEC application.

Selection Process

Please note that due to increased demand and capacity limitations, admittance into the MUDEC program is competitive and not all who apply will be able to be accommodated. Quality of application and meeting all baseline requirements is an important factor in consideration.

  • All applications are reviewed by a selection committee, evaluating objective baselines such as completion of application, submission by deadline dates, and eligibility requirements. Further review is done based on the strength of the application surrounding additional areas such as noted in the Eligibility section.
  • Once acceptance decisions are made (see Step 2) students who are accepted, will be guided through subsequent steps for continuance in the program. Non-selected applications will be notified and alternate academic plans should be considered. Applications will not be discussed on an individual basis. Please direct further education abroad pursuits to advisors for alternate program options.

Step 2: Levels of Acceptance

After all applications have been received and reviewed, MUDEC will notify any students that have not met the minimum standards set forth by the program. Occasionally, the MUDEC staff may require clarity on an application or will need to conduct interviews to determine the semester roster. These short interviews may be scheduled with students before or after Decision Day. There is no need to inquire about scheduling these interviews, if they are required, you will receive email communication from a member of the MUDEC program.

All students will be provided a response to their application on Decision Day:

  • Accepted. Students are accepted into the program with full access and can move on to Step 3 of the application process.
  • Alternate. A select few students who were unable to be accepted due to caps on numbers are prioritized to take a vacated spot if a previously-accepted student is unable or unwilling to spend the semester with MUDEC. Alternates will attend all orientation sessions and complete all portions of Steps 3 and 4 in the event a spot opens up. If an alternate does not obtain a spot in the semester, they will be prioritized for any subsequent semester of their choosing.
    • If an alternate position is declined, please communicate with the MUDEC office.
  • Declined. Due to capacity limitations or other considerations the student will not be extended a place in the MUDEC program.
    • MUDEC hopes to offer a spot to MUDEC to as many students as wish to go. Consideration will be made strictly upon eligibility (see above) capacity limitations, and when necessary, merit.

Step 3: Commitment to MUDEC

Once students have received their status, they must commit to the program by the delineated date. If a student does not commit by the deadline, their spot in the program may be revoked.

Step 4: Post-Decision Phase

Once a student has committed to the program, they should then move on to the post-decision phase and begin completing the final paperwork for the semester.

The application tasks are outlined in their original application. Students are expected to be thorough and expeditious in their application. They will need to make sure they have all of the documentation required and that they complete each of the steps to ensure they are able to live and study abroad.

Various orientation sessions will be held in the months leading up to the student's departure. All MUDEC students are expected to attend each of the information sessions, as MUDEC staff will be providing crucial travel, visa, and safety information. Information Q&A sessions will be held along with continuing advising opportunities.

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