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Embark on an unforgettable journey to the charming and captivating country of Luxembourg. Discover a world where ancient history blends seamlessly with modern innovation, as you explore picturesque landscapes, delve into rich cultural heritage, and engage in immersive learning experiences. Your adventure awaits, as Luxembourg becomes your classroom and Miami University your guide to an unparalleled travel experience.

Arrival in Luxembourg

Students will plan for travel to Luxembourg based on suggestions from the MUDEC staff. All dates and travel plans should stick to parameters set by the program to ensure students retain visa eligibility and so they can be assisted by MUDEC staff upon arrival. Miami is not responsible for flight plans, but may offer flight options to assist students.

Study Tours

Each student is required to register for one study tour course which meets regularly throughout the week and also includes 5-6 days of academic travel! Faculty will take the class to another area of Europe to build a real-world context of material learned in the classroom. The study tour fee (part of your semester bill) includes housing, entrances, activities, some meals, and transportation on site. All plans are organized for students by the MUDEC staff. In some cases, students will often use their study tour location as a springboard to explore another part of Europe!

Recent study tour locations include Poland, Southern France, Sicily, Germany, Slovenia and more!

Independent Travel

Students often take advantage of Luxembourg’s location in the heart of Western Europe to explore the continent on the weekends. During pre-departure orientation and after arrival, students will learn lots of helpful tips on how to safely travel on a budget.

Students are also encouraged to stay local and immerse themselves into Luxembourgish culture and all that this small country has to offer.

Discovery Tours

Embark on a journey of exploration and enrichment with the exclusive discovery tours offered through MUDEC alumni at Miami University.


MUDEC Alumni

Either fully or partially funded by MUDEC alumni, these tours usually take place on Fridays or Saturdays beginning in the morning and ending in the evening (although they are sometimes overnight trips as well). These trips are free of charge besides the food, drink, and souvenirs students may purchase there. Some of the trips, however, do include one meal. At the end of the tour students may choose to stay and travel on from the destination or return to Luxembourg.

During these excursions, we explore nearby regions, usually within France, Belgium, or Germany and try to bring students to places they may not know too much about. This is a great opportunity to explore local gems and "off the beaten path" areas. Many times, we choose activities and destinations that may be difficult for students to visit with public transportation or arrange on their own.

Students will be provided information about upcoming Discovery Tour opportunities during orientation through the Student Activities Coordinator. These are great ways to see Europe (on a budget) without all of the planning

Recent Discovery Tours


Bastogne (half day)

Situated on the front line of the Battle of the Bulge, Bastogne is a must-see for anyone interested in World War II history. On this tour, we will visit the Bastogne War Museum and the Mardasson Memorial, built in honor of the American soldiers who lost their lives here.

Dinant (full day)

Explore the city of Dinant and visit the iconic Leffe Experience! This off-the-beaten path city in Belgium is full of charm and natural beauty.

Liège (full day)

Hop over the border to Belgium for a guided visit of Liège, "the passionate city," famous for its waffles.


Champagne tasting and Reims (full day)

On this trip we will head south of the border to the town of Ay, France, for a tour of a Champagne "domaine" and a tasting. We will then head to the regional capital, Reims, for an afternoon in the city.

Fort de Douaumont (half day)

On this tour, we will visit the impressive Fort de Douaumont, a critical element of the French defense during World War I. Time permitting, we will also visit some of the other monuments at the site.

Nancy (full day)

Join us on a guided walking tour around the city of Nancy, France, where we will explore the city's turn-of-the-century history through the lens of its Art Nouveau architecture.


Treetop Walk and Trier (full day)

This tour will take us to the Baumwipfelpfad Saarschleife, a gorgeous meandering path above the forest in the Saar Valley. Then we will head up to the regional center of Trier, a distinctly German city with thousands of years of history.


Maastricht (full day)

Explore the Netherlands beyond Amsterdam on this tour of the university town of Maastricht, noted for its vibrant culture and its well-preserved historic center. We will have a 1.5 hour guided tour, followed by a few hours of free time.

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