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Health and Safety

Your health and safety are important to us. Know what measures are in place to keep you protected as much as possible when you travel.

Miami's Efforts

MUDEC is unique because Miami University has run the program in Luxembourg for over 50 years, developing many close local relationships over that time. Luxembourg has given Miami students special permission to study in the country, making it more conducive to facilitating many Miami students at once. MUDEC manages the Château, only allows Miami students and guests of MUDEC to enter, and can completely control the space, making it the ideal location to study abroad.

During orientation, the students are briefed on how to stay safe while abroad and given tips on how to be smart travelers. The US Embassy visits the Château and presents to the students about the services they provide and also gives insight on safety while traveling. Students are encouraged to fill out Independent Travel Forms and register with STEP before their personal trips so that MUDEC and the US Government know where they are. If there are ever travel warnings sent out by the embassy, MUDEC informs the students and alerts them to any possible areas of danger within Europe.

Macmillan Hall
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Global Initiatives

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Château de Differdange

1, Impasse du Château
L-4524 Differdange
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg