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Diversity Statement

MUDEC embraces the inherent value of a vibrant student body and community that encompasses a wide spectrum of backgrounds, ideas and experiences. We embrace an inclusive concept of diversity that considers people from a variety of underrepresented groups, including, but not limited to, socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, military or service affiliation, gender identity, sexual identity, and sexual orientation. Not only do we strive for a diverse community of faculty and students at MUDEC, but we encourage students to understand and explore the vibrant diversity of Luxembourg and of Europe.

Did You Know?

Luxembourg is open to the LGBTQIA+ community. Recently, Luxembourg had the first openly gay Prime Minster in Europe. Xavier Bettel was a popular leader in the country. The country also hosts a Gay Pride week every year in the summer time and has a number of resources to promote LGTBQ-friendly activities across the country.

The government of Luxembourg does not formally collect data on religious affiliation. They do this to promote freedom of religion. Roughly 73% of the nation identifies as Christians (with Roman Catholic as the predominant denomination), but inside this small country you can still find several mosques as well as synagogues and other places to worship various religions. The Luxembourg constitution protects freedom of religion and safeguards individuals from being forced to participate in any religious act, if they do not choose.

Nearly half of the Luxembourgish population of 630,000+ is not native to the country. In fact, hundreds of thousands of those living there are immigrants from other countries in Europe like Portugal or the Balkan region and recently an increase from Middle Eastern nations as well, leading to a mosaic of diverse linguistic, cultural, ethnic, and religious influences.

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