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Living, Dining, and Community

Live with a host family in an apartment or in shared housing where you'll enjoy continental breakfasts by host families and lunches from the school's chef as a part of the included meal plan. Give back to the local community with the Student Faculty Council and service learning.


MUDEC offers a wide array of accommodations to suit the individual needs of each student and to provide them with a comfortable living environment. Student needs and preferences will be considered in the process to determine the best fit for accommodation. Public transportation in Luxembourg is free to all users and it will be utilized daily to travel to and from MUDEC, unless the student lives within walking distance.

The homestay experience promotes immersion and cultural exchange and students have the opportunity to room with friends on request. Host families are vetted by Miami and have usually hosted students many times in the past. Many homestays are located near the Château in Differdange and in surrounding areas, while some will be in Luxembourg City or nearby towns.

Living with host families is what makes the MUDEC experience a truly unique, and immersive, one. It provides the student comfort and support from a local family, while still allowing independence to study and travel as needed.

We also have what we like to call "independent" host families, which means that students will be living with them and benefit from the services they provide, but without the cultural exchange and interaction.

There are now some independent-living options available with shared spaces. These provide a wonderful experience for students to live close to the MUDEC Centre but with their own independence. Students are encouraged to find alternate ways to immerse themselves in European culture by participating in service-learning opportunities or to live more like a local and are challenged to get outside of the Miami bubble.
Student needs and preferences will be considered during the placement process.

Student Faculty Council

One of the best ways to get involved within the MUDEC and Luxembourg Communities is to be a part of the Student Faculty Council (SFC). The SFC is a student-run group of engaging leaders who plan, execute, and communicate events and activities across the semester within MUDEC and our surrounding international community.

Service Learning

In some cases, students can participate in service learning opportunities while living in Luxembourg. This may take place in local schools, nonprofits, or at other organizations. Students are also welcome to attend lectures, concerts and many cultural events, as part of their LUX 101 course requirements. Volunteerism and participating in these various activities allow for a deeper level of learning and engagement in the local community.

Semester Internships

A fantastic way to engage during your semester at MUDEC is by pursuing an internship at a local organization or company. Several organizations have opportunities for students to work up to 9 (unpaid) hours per week for credit during the semester. Sometimes customized internships can be created based on students’ areas of interest if communicated to MUDEC ahead of time.

Summer Internships

The Summer Internship Program is a professional and academic program taking place between mid-May and mid-July. Students apply for internships directly through MUDEC with available listings. These unpaid internships are arranged by the center and provide students with a zero-credit opportunity to build a resume and gain global experience. The majority of internships require a 32-hour commitment each week, some extend “Beyond the Chateau Walls” while some remain “Inside the Chateau Walls.” Only former MUDEC students will be considered for this program.

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