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Beyond the Château Walls

  • In-semester internships during the MUDEC program for up to 3 credits (8-9 hours a week)
  • Summer internships, open to all students, running mid-May until mid-July
  • Luxembourg Digital Innovation internships for an entire semester credit through the ETBD program

Inside the Château Walls

  • Occasionally, internships are offered inside the Chateau to assist the program in a variety of ways
  • These opportunities may be available during the semester or summer terms

Internship Experiences

elijah pittmanElijah Pittman

I interned at The Outdoor Journal, and have continued to work with the team here in Oxford. I loved being in Luxembourg and living with a host family so much that when the spring began to sizzle into summer I wanted to hang onto anything to keep me there. The sheer variety and number of opportunities to work and live in Europe was too many to pass on.

My entire internship was remote, save for a half-dozen or so in-person meetings I attended with some team members. The nature of journalism, and the general working day-to-day of the world as well, is trending towards this sort of remote environment. Twice a week we had online calls to check-in and assign tasks, but this could be achieved anywhere along with further travel that served as even more inspiration in writing and creating.

This type of environment is less common back home in the States, but it is growing. Less emphasis is placed on a rigorous 9-5 schedule and instead of task and goal based; as long as you are a productive and inventive member of the team, you have the freedom to live as you will. I had my first piece published a week earlier than was planned while I was away from home in Florence, and the flexibility of working remotely was the only way I was able to enjoy the mindset of being able to work productively, anywhere.

If I could say anything to students in Luxembourg, it would be to work and stay there as long as you can. Home will be waiting for you, but your host home, Differdange, and trains departing daily from the gare will let you pass like the seasonal wind if you decide to pass on one of the greater opportunities Miami has to offer.



whittney reddanWhittney Reddan

Whittney Reddan decided to pursue an internship while at MUDEC because she wanted to extend her time abroad and experience Luxembourg in the summer. She knew that the international work experience would also help set her resume apart. Reddan interned at both Graffiti Radio and City Savvy Luxembourg (CSL). Her day-to-day experience as an intern was really up to her, both internships had flexible hours. Typically, she would either work at the chateau or find a cafe to sit and do research. With Graffiti Radio, Reddan spent a few days each week researching for her podcast and creating a script. Then it would take another few days to record and edit. She tried to go into the studio to record music and check in with her boss every one to two weeks. City Savvy Luxembourg required Reddan to have a daily post ready for their social media. She typically used a site to help plan her posts in advance. In addition to posting on CSL’s social media accounts, she had a weekly post that made it on the website too. She wrote the "What's On" section which consisted of ten events going on in Luxembourg for people to check out.

“I really enjoyed the work environment for both of my internships. My experience provided me with more independence and freedom than I've experienced with jobs back home. I felt very heard in both my internships. My ideas were always welcomed and encouraged. Lastly, I was able to go enjoy Luxembourg in the summer. It was encouraged by both of my bosses. I was able to travel during the summer too. Interning in Luxembourg was an amazing experience and I don't regret it one bit!”



claire quinnClaire Quinn

Q: Where did you intern at?

A:“I interned at Kelsey Hopper Music and Yoga.”

Q:What made you decide to pick up an internship while abroad?

A:“I actually decided before I left for abroad! I applied for the position in October and started working for her right away. It was an amazing decision because I was able to mitigate some of my spending as well as gain professional experience. It also allowed me to explore the country of Luxembourg a bit more than my one-semester counter parts, which is something that I was interested in doing from the beginning.”

Q:What was your day-to-day experience like as an intern?

A:“One thing that I loved about my internship is that it was online, so I usually met with my boss once a week to update her on what I had been doing. She would tell me what needed to be done in the future and made a plan to execute that. This allowed me to work and travel at the same time so I got to visit even more countries in the summer! It was one of my favorite experiences I have ever had.”

Q:What was the work environment like in comparison to jobs/ internships you have had in the U.S.?

A:“For me, it was really laid back. People work hard in Europe, but also know when to take time off and enjoy themselves. I think they have a lot better idea of what “work-life balance” means.”

Recent Internship Placements

Explore companies that MUDEC students have recently interned with:

Fondation Autisme Luxembourg (FAL)Promoting and defending the rights of people with autism in Luxembourg

The Outdoor Journal - International adventure travel magazine and online booking platform

ArcelorMittal - The world’s largest steel company

European Capital Partners - Finance; Asset Management

City Savvy Luxembourg - City Savvy Luxembourg is a digital lifestyle magazine

F4A (Food4All) - Sustainability, Nutrition

US Embassy in Luxembourg - Representing the United States in Luxembourg

Munhowen SA (Delivery company owned by Bofferding) - Internship with the marketing and sales departments

Graffiti Radio - College radio station

Spoticle - Travel recommendations startup

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