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Reframe Podcast: Episode 27
kids-on-phones180x120.jpgMental Health App
Purdue University Visits Miami to look at Mindfulness Center
Purdue University recently visited to take a look at our Mindfulness Center and discuss the process involved in developing a mindfulness-based initiative.
Why Teach? It Could Mean More than You Might Imagine
edt-periodic-table180x120.jpgEHS is challenging many conventional notions of education, while also presenting a number of opportunities to evolve what being a teacher in the 21st century actually means.
Miami University hosts Midwest Sport and Exercise Psychology Symposium
mseps-conference180x120.jpgMiami University hosted the 29th annual Midwest Sport and Exercise Psychology Symposium (MSEPS) in collaboration with the Association for Applied Sport Psychology, an international sport psychology association. The MSEPS is a conference organized primarily by graduate students for students to present their research.
Family Science and Social Work Week
Family Science and Social Work Week will be held at Miami University March 5-9 across campus. A wide range of programs will be available and open to all majors, faculty and staff. No registration is required, plus food and giveaways will be available.
Years of Service Recognition
Congratulations and thank you to the following EHS faculty and staff for their years of service to Miami.
Best Buddies Coming to Miami University
From March 5th-March 9th, Best Buddies at Miami University is hosting an awareness week on campus