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Holiday Project's record donation total spreads cheer
mhp-lists-smaller.jpgEven Santa Claus would be amazed by the list of gifts collected this year by Miami University’s Holiday Project.
Amid a Teenage E-cigarette Epidemic, Public Health Professionals Urge Action
cdc-usb350x200.jpgJust three years after hitting the market, e-cigarettes are being used by teenagers almost everywhere. The FDA has called this growing phenomenon an epidemic, and it’s a major concern among those who hope to stop the momentum now.
Tammy Schwartz on child poverty, Dec. 6 (subscription may be required)
Reframe Podcast: Episode 45
rox1200x628.jpgNew Series of “Rox the Fox” Comic Books Promote Public Health
December SEOH News
The December news includes information regarding winter and spring registration, winter graduation and 2019-2020 student teaching.
Why Individuals with Developmental Disabilities Also Need Sex Ed
richelle-frabotta-lecture-1-3x2.pngThe primary goal is to provide sex ed training for Cincinnati Center for Autism (CCA) teachers and staff, as well as additional workshops for parents and caregivers. A secondary component will also include the creation of an individualized and developmentally appropriate curriculum for the students themselves.
Reframe Podcast: Episode 44
schultz1200x628.pngHow Fifth-Grade Students Became Inspired Citizen Activists
How Fifth-Grade Students Became Inspired Citizen Activists
lessons1200x628.pngBack when Brian Schultz was a 5th-grade teacher in a struggling urban school, he asked his students to name a social issue that could inform a class project. But when the students decided what they really needed was a whole new school building, no one could have predicted what came next.
Demoralized Teachers, Schools that Fail, and the Epidemic Influence of Ed Policy
meredith-dc-graphic-3x2.pngAs a visiting assistant professor of educational leadership at Miami University, Meredith Wronowski studies the intersection of educational policy, school decline, and teacher turnover. And as a former school administrator, she is also concerned with the growing disconnect between policy and practice that continues to alienate educators.