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Cooperating Teacher Handbook - Europe

The College of Education, Health, and Society (EHS) is committed to the mission to prepare transformative leaders. Through excellence in teaching, scholarship and community partnerships, the college provides dynamic and innovative programs that encourage international perspectives. 

Co-Planning and Co-Teaching

Student and cooperating teacher pose for a photo with a bookcase in the background.Miami student teachers engage in several field experiences prior to arriving in Europe and should be considered prepared to co-teach from their first day in the classroom.

Please meet with your student teacher and develop an individualized plan that best meets the needs of your learners.

Under the supervision of the cooperating teacher, student teachers should increasingly take on more responsibilities including recess supervision, study hall, or lunch duty.

Student teachers are strongly encouraged to enrich their overall understanding of classroom learners and their culture through volunteer experiences such as tutoring, mentoring or coaching.

Lesson planning is a mandatory element of student teaching. Student teachers must prepare complete lesson plans for every lesson they teach or are responsible for in Europe. These should be available for the university supervisor to review at each observation.

Lesson plans are a working document; after a lesson is taught they should be used for reflection, notes, and ideas for improving the lesson. There is a lesson plan template in the Student Teacher Handbook for reference. Formats may vary but should include the following:

  • academic standards
  • anticipatory set
  • activities
  • materials and resources
  • accommodations for special learners
  • assessment (formal or informal)
  • reflection

Attendance Policy for Student Teachers

Student teachers are required to be on time every day of the student teaching experience and are expected to stay at school during the hours required of a regular classroom teacher.

A student teacher who must miss a day due to illness or another severe issue is required to inform their cooperating teacher and university supervisor prior to the absence.

Students who miss more than five days will be required to make up the days or repeat the student teaching experience upon return to the United States. Two tardy incidents or early departures will equal one day’s absence.

Any unexcused absence is cause for removal from the student teaching placement.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD A STUDENT TEACHER ACT AS A SUBSTITUTE TEACHER. If the cooperating teacher is absent, a licensed substitute must be in the room with the student teacher. The student teacher can, and should, continue regular teaching while the teacher is absent, thus maintaining regular standards of learning and classroom management.

Student teachers in Europe must follow the calendar of their host school for the duration of their placement. Please note that students will be expected in school during US holidays that are not observed in Europe.