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Non-University Sponsored Program

Miami University has several resources to assist you with the planning for an activity or program with minors.

You must adhere to specific guidelines if you are hosting an event with non-Miami student participants under the age of 18 and those participants and are not in the care of their parent/guardian.

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Minors on Campus training is available at no additional charge to meet contractual requirements.

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Background Checks

Background Checks are available through the Miami University Police Department.

Students participating in an Engineering Summer camp working with an instructor.

Reporting Requirements

There is a duty to report injuries and illnesses and child abuse, neglect or endangerment.

Two girls participating in an Engineering Summer camp working on a project.

Emergency Procedures

What to do if a minor in your program or activity experiences a medical emergency.

Non-University Programs Guidelines

All Non-University Programs shall be required to execute and deliver the following prior to utilizing University Facilities:

Secure a Contract through Conference and Event Services

This contract will identify the specific facilities to be used, the dates and hours of permitted access and other terms applicable to such use;

  • Contain a certification that the Program meets all legal requirements for the activity in question, including without limitation any requirements for licensing and criminal background checks;
  • Include an indemnification agreement in a form acceptable to the University General Counsel and Risk Manager agreeing to defend and holding the University harmless against any and all claims arising from the operation of the Non-University program (this requirement may be waived for public entities prohibited by law from agreeing to indemnify);
  • Include insurance provisions which identifies sexual abuse and molestation coverage in amounts to be determined by the Risk Manager and provide a Certificate of Insurance indicating this coverage.

Register the Program or Activity

All University Programs shall complete and file a Registration of Programs and Activities Involving Minors Form with the Miami University Police Department (MUPD) not less than thirty (30) days prior to the first scheduled date of participation by minors.)

Report any Injuries or Suspicion of Child Abuse

All Non-University Programs shall agree to report any situation, fact or circumstance, that would reasonably give rise to a suspicion that child abuse, neglect, or endangerment may have occurred, shall be reported immediately to:

  • Miami’s Office of the General Counsel (513-529-6734); and
  • MUPD (513-529-2222) or 911 if an emergency, the Oxford Police Department (513-523-4321), the Butler County Sheriff (513-785-1300) or the Butler County Public Children Services Agency (513-887-4055)
  • A representative of the outside organization or entity

Please submit a Non-Occupational Accident/Injury Form for all injuries or illnesses.

Suggested Camp Policies to Enhance Minor Safety for Non-University Programs:

  • Interaction with Minors: We strongly encourage all adults to avoid any situations in which they would be alone with a minor. If one-on-one interaction is required, it is suggested that adults meet in open, well-illuminated spaces or rooms with windows observable by other adults from the program. 
  • Camp Attendance: It is strongly suggested that attendance be checked at least twice per day and shall have in place a procedure for locating missing participants and notifying law enforcement's and parent(s) or legal guardians.
  • Buddy System: This operating system assigns each camper one or more 'Buddies' for the duration of the program, enhancing safety and continual accountability for all participants. 
  • Separate Facility Use Times: In order to avoid minor participants and program adults using the same residence hall bathroom facilities at the same time, it is strongly suggested that camps/programs set separate facility use times to prevent potential one-on-one interaction. For example, minor campers might be scheduled from 9:00PM-10:00PM and any adult chaperones from 10:15PM-11:00PM.
  • Transportation: It is strongly suggested that minors who drive their personal vehicle to a program be required to turn over vehicle keys to the program for the duration of the program.
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