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The Office of Strategic Procurement oversees the purchasing process, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness in acquiring goods and services. This office will work with departments to obtain the required goods or services in as expedited a manner as possible in accordance with applicable procurement laws. Purchasing is comprised of two areas: Planning and Transacting.


Purchasing plans are developed when the procurement organization becomes aware of a customer's requirement, or receives a purchase request, statement of work, or other information sufficient to begin the planning process.

The Office of Strategic Procurement will work with departments to obtain the required goods or services in as expedited a manner as possible in accordance with applicable procurement laws. Departments should not contact suppliers regarding large dollar purchases independent of the Office of Strategic Procurement.

Departments should provide us with sufficient lead time to identify and execute the appropriate sourcing method.

Goods and Services Costing Over $50,000

During the annual budgeting process, departments should notify the Chief Procurement Officer of upcoming planned purchases of goods and services during the next budget cycle that will equal or exceed $50,000 and which cannot be acquired through listed catalog vendors or existing contracts.

Goods and/or services exceeding $50,000 that are not available as a catalog or existing contract purchase must be procured through a competitive tool, such as a Bid or RFP. Please reach out to the respective Category Leader to begin this process, or email Please note that all requests are subject to the review and approval of the Office of Strategic Procurement.

Recurring Goods and Services

Departments with recurring needs for acquiring particular goods or services should notify the Office of Strategic Procurement to employ strategic procurement leveraging opportunities and other contract negotiation strategies in procuring such goods or services.


Individuals, departments, or groups making purchases on behalf of the University are subject to follow the University's Purchasing Policy and Purchasing Handbook.

Purchasing Policy

The Purchasing Policy provides procurement guidelines and procedures. Employees involved with the purchasing process are responsible for understanding policies and procedures regarding purchasing and supplier relations.

Purchasing Handbook

The Purchasing Handbook helps users navigate through the procurement process so that they will be able to purchase goods and services.


Workday integrates human resources, financial management, and student information into a unified system. It serves as a self-service platform, empowering faculty, staff, and students with access to comprehensive functionalities. By enhancing process efficiencies, enabling timely strategic decisions, and providing effective operational tools, Workday transforms our higher education institution.

Purchasing Card

The Purchasing Card (P-Card) is the preferred method for pre-payment transactions such as subscriptions, books, professional dues, conference registration, airline tickets, and hotel room charges.

Preferred Suppliers

Miami University participates in the Educational and Institutional Cooperative Service (E&I), Inter-University Council of Ohio (IUC), and other purchasing consortiums and group purchasing organizations (GPO). As a member school, we can take advantage of negotiated pricing based on all member schools' volume. In addition, we have established pricing on other goods and services that are commonly used by the university to help expedite the buying process.

Bus Charter Suppliers

Select Bus/Coach Charter suppliers have committed to provide travel quotes for various types of bussing needs at Miami University. These suppliers may be able to provide transportation for student organizations, departmental travel, club sports, fraternities/sororities and intercollegiate athletics that originate from Miami campuses.

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