What is ILR?

The Institute for Learning in Retirement (ILR), founded in 1997, is a nonprofit educational organization that offers a wide variety of noncredit courses, special events, and activities to meet the continuing educational and social interests of anyone over age 50. ILR is governed, supported and financed by its members.

Our volunteer instructors—retired or working professionals and scholars—create a stimulating environment through an exciting array of academic and general-interest subjects. There are no tests, grades, homework or prerequisites, but possibly some suggested reading.

What is ILR Membership?

There are two options for participating in ILR each semester: as a member or a non-member. An ILR member is anyone who pays the semester fee and registers for ILR courses (no enrollment fees or annual fees are required). The semester fee entitles you to register for an unlimited number of courses that semester. Once you’ve participated as a member for your first semester, you’re considered a returning member for future semesters.

Non-members do not pay the semester fee and cannot register for courses, but they are welcome to participate in Special Events by paying à la carte for each event.