Wednesday Courses

Fall Semester begins on October 2nd

This fall, we’re pleased to offer in-person, hybrid, and virtual courses. See catalog image below to review fall courses and explore location information. We look forward to having you join us.

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All courses are scheduled in local (Ohio) time, which currently follows Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). Note that EDT ends on November 5, 2023.

Television’s Story: From Network Dominance to Streaming Competition

Of all our legacy media, television has fared the best in the internet age. Why? We begin our inquiry with TV's emergence from the NBC and CBS radio networks. Along the way, we examine the emergence of cable, the Netflix disruption, the surge of streaming, and the new economics of the TV industry. Finally, we end on the power of storytelling, with a nod to Joan Didion's famous quote: "We tell ourselves stories in order to live." We will also share recommendations of our favorite series.

Instructor: Richard Campbell is Professor Emeritus and Founding Chair of the Department of Media, Journalism and Film at Miami University and the primary author of Media & Culture: Mass Communication in a Digital Age, the nation's leading mass media introductory textbook.

5 Wednesdays: October 4–November 1; 9:00–10:15 a.m.
Format: In person
Location: The Knolls of Oxford, Auditorium

Getting Started with Google Photos

Google Photos gives you everything you need to finally get your lifetime of photo and video memories stored in one place—safely online in Google’s cloud. Use their powerful tools to edit, search, organize, and share photos from any authorized computing device connected to the internet. Students need a Google/Gmail account and password and should have their smartphone, tablet, and/or laptop available for using Google Photos during the class. A PDF copy of the supplementary text, Learn Google Photos by Chris Guld, will be sent ahead of the first session.

To check if Google Photos is the appropriate tool for you, see

Instructor: Robin Seaver spent her career teaching basic computer skills from mainframe computers to today’s smartphones and tablets. She serves on the ILR Board and the Tech and Curriculum committees.

5 Wednesdays: October 4–November 1; 9:00–10:15 a.m.
Format: Virtual
Location: Online

Backyard Photography

Do you enjoy landscape or nature photography? Do you enjoy learning with others who have the same interest in photography as you? Join me as we travel to local parks to photograph some of the many beautiful landscapes and nature in our own area. We will be meeting weekly at each of the following: Voice of America Park, Sharon Woods, Rentschler Forest, Armco Park, and the Miami-Erie Trail or Keehner Park to explore various photographic opportunities.

NOTE: This class will require some walking on uneven ground and possibly hiking on trails.

Instructor: Marianne Schulz is an avid amateur photographer interested in nature and landscape photography in the Cincinnati and Dayton areas.

5 Wednesdays: October 4–November 1; 9:30–11:00 a.m.
Format: In person
Location: Off-site, as mentioned in above description; further location information will be emailed from instructor prior to first class

Issues Involving the Science of Sexual Reproduction

The scientific study of sexual reproduction can include an amazing assortment of topics, which we will present on, read about, and discuss. Examples: gender fluidity, homosexuality in the animal kingdom, the response of flowering plants to their environment, eugenics and genetic engineering, and the future of the human population.

Instructors: Ben Mattox is a retired high school science teacher who spent most of his career teaching Biology and Botany. His continuing interests are evolution, the changing environment, and biodiversity. Karl Mattox is Professor Emeritus of Botany and former Dean of the College of Arts and Science. His continuing interests are the evolutionary relationships between organisms and climate change.

5 Wednesdays: October 4–November 1; 10:45 a.m.–noon
Format: In person
Location: The Knolls of Oxford, Auditorium

Fixing Five Key Areas of Politics and Governing

Restoring unity and effectiveness to politics and governing is not hopeless and can be done. We need to fix the five key areas of politics and governing where partisanship and self-interest have fueled the divisiveness and ineffectiveness in our country today. We will discuss what needs fixing and how to do it.

Instructor: Robert Viney is a USNA graduate, Cold War and Vietnam War veteran, former Adjunct Professor of Organizational Leadership and Business Ethics at UC, citizen activist, and author.

5 Wednesdays: October 4–November 1; 10:45 a.m.–noon
Format: Hybrid
Location: Online or West Chester, VOALC, Room 116

Are these Trans Lives? Fictions


How do we tell the story of a person's life? In 1998, Jackie Kay, the Afra-Scottish Makar (National Poet of Scotland from 2016-2022), wrote the novel Trumpet. Sixty years earlier, Virginia Woolf wrote the satirical biography Orlando. Both works explore gender and its expression while grappling with the challenge of how to tell such a story (and live such a life) in their respective moment in history. We will look at both literary works and situate them in our own cultural moment and that of the authors. This course requires reading about 100 pages of fiction each week. Please come to the first class having read the first 100 pages of Orlando.

Class texts: Jackie Kay, Trumpet, Vintage, 2000, ISBN-10: 0375704639
Virginia Woolf, Orlando. Any Edition.

Instructor: Barbara Caruso taught in the Literature, African American, and Women’s Studies Programs at Earlham College for 39 years.

5 Wednesdays: October 4–November 1; 10:45 a.m.–noon
Format: Virtual
Location: Online

An Introduction to Carbon Hybrid Materials

Carbon Hybrid Materials (CHM) are a combination of carbon nanotube (CNT) fabric and conventional fabric. CNT fabric has properties different from any other fabric. CNT fabric is pliable, soft, lightweight, chemical resistant, and has good electrical and thermal conductivity. CNT fabric is composited or combined with other fabric to produce CHM with properties and cost that can be customized for a specific application. This lecture will discuss manufacturing CNT and CHM fabrics and their properties. The goal of the presentation is to give non-experts the background to understand CHM so they can invent some new uses or commercialize CHM.

Instructor: Mark Schulz is Professor of Mechanical and Materials Engineering at UC and Co-Director with Dr. Vesselin Shanov of the Nanoworld Laboratories.

1 Wednesday: October 4; 12:30–1:45 p.m.
Format: Virtual
Location: Online

 Wednesday Brown Bag Lecture Series

Knowledge is power. Knowledge shared is power multiplied. Join us to “power up” while interacting with our intriguing guest speakers. It’s our time to relax, learn, and continue to grow.

October 4Yes! It's True! A Thriving Amish Community Once Existed in Butler CountyJeff Lehman is a direct descendant of four immigrant families including that of Christian Augspurger, leader of the first Amish settlers arriving in 1819 from Europe and founder of Chrisholm Farmstead.

October 11Native Plants for Native Wildlife: A How-To GuideLynn White has been an educator for 25 years, most of which has been with Butler Soil and Water Conservation. Lynn’s areas of interest are native plants and animals.

October 18How to Navigate Between Fact and Fiction in the Social Media WorldTim Love is the author of the timely book, Discovering Truth, which was recently named a Finalist in the International Book Awards category of Business: Marketing & Advertising.

October 25Balance and Fall PreventionNikki Jones is a physical therapist at Fyzical Therapy and Balance Center. She specializes in both orthopedics and balance/vestibular therapy.

November 1Space Missions at L3Harris Mark Dapore is the Chief Engineer for Space Products at L3Harris in Mason, which plays a major role in space rocket launches, and deep space missions to the moon, Mars, and Jupiter.

Coordinators: Marlene Esseck and Pamela Hudson are dedicated lifelong learners and retired educators from the Lakota Local School District.

5 Wednesdays: October 4–November 1; 12:30–1:45 p.m.
Format: In person
Location: West Chester, VOALC, Room 116

Stream the Dream

Each week we will watch a Netflix program at home that will involve five to six hours of watching time. We will then discuss what we're watching as a group during class time. We may watch a movie or we may watch a series–each week will be a surprise.

NOTE: Some programs will be R-rated and you must have a Netflix account. Watching TV is nothing to be ashamed of!

Instructor: Karen Grosser is a University of Pennsylvania engineering graduate who loves to read and watch TV.

6 Wednesdays: October 4–November 8; 12:30–1:45 p.m.
Format: Virtual
Location: Online

Food For the Ages

Have you ever wanted to travel back in time and learn how to make a delicious meal from the roaring 20s? In this course, our amazing chefs will teach you how to prepare timeless meals from different decades.

Instructors: Andrea Lazos Zimmerer is a California native who was classically trained at the Midwest Culinary Institute. She has worked at several restaurants in Cincinnati and has worked under the James Beard-nominated Chef Jose Salizar. She specializes in pastry and also designs couture wedding cakes. Adam Lupp, Assistant Director of Culinary and Nutritional Services at Ohio Living Mount Pleasant, has over 11 years of culinary experience.

5 Wednesdays: October 4–November 1; 2:15–3:30 p.m.
Format: In person
Location: Monroe, Ohio Living Mt. Pleasant, Activity Building

Electric Vehicles and Midwesterners Getting to Know Each Other

The motor vehicle industry has a long history in the Midwest. For most of the 20th century, Dayton was the industry’s most important center outside of Michigan. As production and sales of electric vehicles rapidly increase, how are manufacturers and consumers in the Midwest reacting? Can carmakers historically based in the Midwest compete with Silicon Valley startups? Will Midwesterners embrace the challenges of operating electric vehicles? If you took a previous EV class, 95% of this term’s material is new. If not, don’t worry; we’ll get you up to speed.

Instructor: James Rubenstein is Professor Emeritus of Geography at Miami University.

5 Wednesdays: October 4–November 1; 2:15–3:30 p.m.
Format: Virtual
Location: Online

Tales from the Trails

Our travel and adventures have led us to many special places and stories we would love to share with you.

October 4 U. S. Highpointing ─ The geographical highpoint of each state varies from Florida to Alaska. Bill has been to 45.

October 11The Goodness of Gander ─ On September 11, 2001, the people of Gander welcomed, fed, and sheltered over 7,000 people from 38 airplanes diverted there from around the world. The Newfoundland town of 10,000 did it with only a single hour’s notice.

October 18The Civil Conservation Corp, FDR’s Tree Army ─ This Great Depression-era program changed the U. S. National Park Service system, the CCC workers, and their families forever.

October 25Fred Harvey and the Harvey Girls ─ Along with The Santa Fe Railroad, an enterprising railroad employee helped civilize the West and popularize the Western United States.

November 1The Great Smokies, Like No Other Park ─ Bill will describe the history, features, beauty, and activities of this national treasure.

Instructors: Bill Deitzer has hiked in 51 of the U.S. national parks, created 30 historical Powerpoint presentations, and presented to all different age groups. Rosemary Deitzer likes to tell good news’ stories from challenging events.

5 Wednesdays: October 4–November 1; 2:15–3:30 p.m.
Format: In person
Location: West Chester, VOALC, Room 116

Testing Our Limits: What Can We Learn from Elite Athletes Competing in Ultimate Sports?

Each year athletes complete swimming, biking, and running events. Some athletes really test their limits, requiring hours and even days to finish. For this combined ILR and OLLI course, five elite athletes and a conditioning consultant will share wonderful stories of endurance, physical challenges, and conquering mind over matter.

October 4 – Introduction from David Butler, Joe Macke, and John Evans.

October 11Facing Adversity with Faith and DisciplineJohn Muenzer is a Cincinnati businessman who has completed the Grand Slam of Swimming including circumnavigating Manhattan Island.

October 18It's Me Against Me. Backstage at the World's Toughest Bicycle RaceFranz Preihs, from Austria, is a 45-year-old, five-time Race Across America (RAAM) participant, adventurer, high altitude alpinist, and manual therapist.

The Lessons We Learned from Ultra-Cycling and Race Across America Marko Baloh, from Slovenia, is a 10-time RAAM participant, seven-time solo finisher, and a multiple-time World Record holder from 100 miles to 1000 km.

October 25Developing Strategies and Shifting to a Vegan Lifestyle to Succeed in Ultra-Running EventsHarvey Lewis is a Cincinnati teacher and ultrarunner of 27 years, noted for winning events such as the World Championship Bigs Backyard Ultra and Badwater 135, and representing the United States on the U.S. 24 Hour National Team five times, the most of any American.

November 1A Start to Finish: A Roadmap to Achieving Your Athletic GoalsJim Bruskewitz, from Colorado, is a retired lecturer at the University of Wisconsin, two-time World Triathlon Champion, and 12-time National Champion.

November 8Understanding and Training the Cognitive/Emotional Components of Elite Performance in Ultra-Endurance SportsJohn Evans, from Ann Arbor, MI, is a mental conditioning and performance consultant.

Coordinators: David Butler is Professor Emeritus of Biomedical Engineering at UC. Joe Macke is a retired U.S. Bancorp Vice President of Mainframe Computer Infrastructure Systems. John Evans is the Director of Mental Conditioning and Human Performance at BLND Health in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

6 Wednesdays: October 4–November 8; 4:00–5:15 p.m.
Format: Virtual
Location: Online