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Fulbright at Miami

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Since its founding in 1964, the Fulbright Program has been the premier international exchange program of the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. Its goal is to promote intercultural understanding through citizen exchange by funding graduate study, teaching opportunities, and research in more than 140 countries. Learn how you can join the more than 150 Miami faculty and students who have received a Fulbright grant.

Top Producing Institution

Miami was named a "Top Producing Institution" in 2020-2021 for the Fulbright U.S. Student Program, by the Institute of International Education (IIE) as announced by the Chronicle of Higher Education. The recognition is a result of 10 Miami students being offered Fulbright grants in a single year. This was Miami's first year reaching this threshold.

Fulbright U.S. Student Program

More than two dozen Miami students are among the 10,000+ applicants to the Fulbright U.S. Student Program annually. Grants to serve as an English Teaching Assistant (ETA) or pursue study or research are the most commonly pursued by Miami students.

The application cycle opens annually around April 1. To apply, students must be U.S. citizens and have earned at least a bachelor’s degree by the start date of the grant. Additional eligibility criteria should be reviewed on the website. Students from all majors, graduate students, and Miami alumni are welcome to apply. 

Students interested in applying are encouraged to review the online information video, Fulbright at Miami University, set up an advising appointment, and check the Miami University page on the Fulbright website for information on the Miami campus deadline. 

Miami University U.S. Student Program Grantees

Fulbright Students
Year Name Country Grant Type
2023 Erin Fetters Colombia English Teaching
2023 Olivia Kelly Taiwan English Teaching
2023 Colton Powaski Uzbekistan English Teaching
2023 Sinait Sarfino Taiwan English Teaching
2023 Samantha Shetterly Argentina English Teaching
2022 Brandon Arnold Chile Study/Research
2022 Zoe Blake El Salvador Study/Research
2022 Augustus Lake Germany English Teaching
2022 Jacob Selent Germany English Teaching
2022 Izzy Tice Kazakhstan English Teaching
2021 Cecilia Burtis Spain English Teaching
2021 Innara Ladha Tajikistan English Teaching
2020 Nicole Anselmo Kazakhstan English Teaching
2020 Katie Rogers Germany English Teaching
2020 Sarah Frick Japan Study/Research
2020 Hanna Vera Mexico English Teaching
2020 Johanna Alexander South Korea English Teaching
2020 Madeline Marshall South Korea English Teaching
2020 Elizabeth Martin South Korea English Teaching
2020 Julia Zorc South Korea English Teaching
2020 Camila Rodriguez Spain English Teaching
2020 Elena Arduin Taiwan English Teaching
2019 Sarah Berg South Korea English Teaching
2019 Madison Cook Ecuador English Teaching
2019 Emily Erdmann Russia English Teaching
2019 Alexandra Fair UK Study/Research
2019 Cyrus Green Argentina English Teaching
2019 Lauren Voegtle Brazil English Teaching
2018 Alexa Askari Bulgaria English Teaching
2018 Sara Giska Kazakhstan Research/Study
2018 Jack Henne Germany English Teaching
2018 Camila Kowalski Spain English Teaching
2018 Alison Preissing  Slovak Republic English Teaching
2018 Allison Van Twisk Germany English Teaching
2017 Eric Moenich France English Teaching
2017 Khalid Osman Indonesia English Teaching
2017 Jennifer Tassaro Mexico English Teaching
2017 Graham von Carlowitz Germany English Teaching
2016 Matthew Armelli Germany English Teaching
2016 Rebekah Harper Turkey English Teaching
2016 Jonathan Meyer Germany English Teaching
2016 Emily Paxson Bulgaria English Teaching
2016 William Smeal Bulgaria English Teaching
2015 Graham Bowling Taiwan English Teaching
2015 Nicole Smith Germany English Teaching
2015 Anna Borchers Peru English Teaching
2015 Kimberly Forster Brazil English Teaching
2014 Elizabeth Schallip Germany English Teaching
2014 Casey Smitson Germany English Teaching
2013 Brian Cash Germany English Teaching
2013 Ryan Martini Indonesia English Teaching
2013 Jacob Hofstetter Spain English Teaching
2012 Timothy Boll Russia English Teaching
2012 Katelin Burke Mongolia English Teaching
2012 Daniel Hawk Germany English Teaching
2012 Corbin Mathias Germany English Teaching
2011 Maria Mancinelli Brazil English Teaching
2011 Sarah Schill Germany English Teaching
2010 Korianna Austera Germany English Teaching
2010 James Erbaugh Indonesia English Teaching
2010 Paula Koch Jordan Study/Research
2009 Rebekah Farrar Taiwan English Teaching
2009 Michael McDonel Jordan Study/Research
2008 Benjamin Kuebrich Turkey English Teaching
2007 Franklin Grace III South Korea English Teaching
2007 Annemarie Spadafore European Union Study/Research
2007 Justin Wilmes Russia English Teaching
2006 Christopher Chailland Denmark Study/Research
2006 Ariana Falk Germany Study/Research
2006 Christopher Michel Georgia Study/Research
2006 Christina Synowiec South Korea English Teaching
2005 Benjamin Johnson Colombia Study/Research
2005 Yana Pleshivoy Russia Study/Research
2005 Marianne Windholtz Germany Study/Research
2003 Jonathan DeVore Brazil Study/Research
2003 Jennifer Germano New Zealand Study/Research
2002 Joshua Greenberg New Zealand Study/Research
2002 Jaclyn Turnwald South Korea English Teaching
2001 Abbey Steele Colombia Study/Research
1999 Natalie Brooke Germany English Teaching
1999 Sarah Stewart Namibia Study/Research
1993 Elizabeth Belle Germany English Teaching
1988 Russell Lemmons West Germany Study/Research
1983 Jennifer Miller West Germany English Teaching

Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program

Miami faculty and staff are able to apply for a variety of programs through the Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program.

Miami University U.S. Scholar Program Grantees

Year Name Country Grant Type
2023 Lisa Ellram Finland Distinguished Chair
2022 Carter Hamilton Poland Specialist Roster
2021 Kate Dannies Turkey Core Program
2021 Elizabeth Loken Indonesia Core Program
2019 Tani Sebro Myanmar and Thailand ASEAN Fellowship
2018 Eric Covey Nigeria Core Program
2018 Steven Conn Romania Specialist Roster
2018 Oana Godeanu-Kenworthy Romania Core Program
2017 Cathy Bishop-Clark TBD Specialist Roster
2017 Donna Evans TBD Specialist Roster
2017 Karla Guinigundo India IEA Seminar
2016 Terri Barr TBD Specialist Roster
2014 Steven Keller Austria Core Program
2014 Thomas Misco Singapore Specialist Roster
2013 William Boone Germany Core Program
2013  John Kraft Poland Core Program
2013 Jonathan Levy Zambia Core Program
2012 John Cinnamon Cameroon Core Program
2012 John Rakovan Poland Core Program
2012 Elizabeth Widom Mexico Core Program
2010 Jordan Fenton Nigeria Core Program
2010 Jonathan Levy South Africa Core Program
2009 Sheila Croucher Canada Core Program
2007 Susan Paulson Panama Core Program
2006 J. Marcus Jobe Ukraine Core Program
2006 James Sheehan Philippines Core Program
2004 Scott Kenworthy Romania Core Program
2002 Cheryl Johnson South Africa Core Program
2002 John Krafft Germany Core Program
2002 Daniel Nathan Finland Core Program
2002 Robert Thurston Ukraine, Russia Core Program
2000 Robert Bowie Russia Core Program
2000 Thomas Murphy Jordan Core Program
2000 Louise Van Vliet Slovak Republic Core Program
1999 Andrew Cayton Netherlands Core Program
1999 Gwen Etter-Lewis Ethiopia, Eritrea Core Program
1999 Susan Ewing Czech Republic Core Program
1999 Jack Kirby Italy Core Program
1998 James Dunlevy Germany Core Program
1998 Gwen Etter-Lewis Ethiopia, Eritrea Core Program
1998 Susan Ewing Czech Republic Core Program
1998 Victoria Smith Germany Core Program
1997 J. Marcus Jobe Ukraine Core Program
1996 Gwen Etter-Lewis Ethiopia, Eritrea Core Program
1996 Iris Johnson Portugal Core Program
1996 Susan Sloan Greece Core Program
1996 Allan Winkler Kenya Core Program
1995 David Keitges Germany IEA Seminar
1995  Susan Reilly Brazil Core Program
1993 Howard Blanning Czech Republic Core Program
1991 Geoffrey Chase Finland Core Program
1991 Andrew Lakritz Poland Core Program
1991 Robert Peterson Portugal Core Program
1991 Jacqueline Vansant Austria Core Program
1991 Roscoe Ward Cyprus Core Program
1990 Lynette Unger Finland Core Program
1989 Mark Bernheim Austria Core Program
1989 Gerardo Brown-Manrique Argentina Core Program
1989 Craig Hinrichs Cyprus Core Program
1989 E. Fuller Moore USSR Core Program
1988 Susan Sloan Belgium Core Program
1988 Robert Wicks Thailand Core Program
1987 William Jackson Australia Core Program
1987 Roscoe Ward Brazil Core Program
1986 Jennie Lincoln Costa Rica Core Program
1986 Allan Springer Brazil Core Program
1985 Judith Fryer Finland Core Program
1985 David Hunt Kenya Core Program
1985 Allan Winkler Netherlands Core Program
1983 Elizabeth Dean France Core Program
1981 John Reardon Norway Core Program
1980 John Kettler Norway Core Program
1979 Allan Winkler Finland Core Program
1978 Mark Bernheim France Core Program
1973 W. Sherman Jackson Nigeria Core Program
1966 John Reardon Iraq Core Program
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