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Admission and Return

Learn the admission requirements and deadlines for international transfer, graduate, exchange, and returning students.

Legal Status

Learn the basics of students’ legal status and find assistance with any change of status or regain of status issues.


Learn the U.S. enrollment requirements to become an international student at Miami University.

Document Updates

Learn the procedures to update your documents if you need to change your major or campus, replace documents, request an extension, and more.

Travel and Visa Renewal

Learn about traveling in and out of the U.S. as an international student and how to renew a visa for reentry.

Work Authorization

Learn the processes and procedures to gain work authorization at Miami or other businesses as a student in the U.S. to gain the practical training and experience needed to succeed after graduation.


Learn the documents and processes needed to bring your family to the U.S.

Students walking towards King Library amidst flowers on a spring day


Learn the documents and processes needed to receive visitors in the U.S.

Leaving Miami

Learn to transfer to another university, withdraw from Miami, and request a leave of absence.

International Students and Scholars

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