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Previous Grant Recipients

Recipients of $2,000 Grants for Individual Projects

AY 2016-2017

Stephanie Baer. Art Education. "Engaging Professional Dispositions in Art Education Through Focused Writing and Presentation."

Susan Baim. Business Tech/Commerce, MUM campus. "What Constitutes 'Good Writing' in a Fast-Paced Microbiology Environment?"

Ziying Jiang. Geography. "Promoting Learning of Scientific Concepts through Writing: Writing as a Learning Tool and an Assessment Tool in GEO 121."

Hannah Noel. Global and International Studies. "Writing Towards Success: Individualized Writing-Intensive Mentorship for Non-Traditional Students Planning Careers in Higher Education."

Nugrahenny T. Zacharias. English (ESL Composition). "Improving Criticality and Reflectivity in Students’ Writing: Critical Reflective Writing (CRW) Tasks in ESL Composition Classes."

AY 2015-2016

AY 2014-2015

Susan Baim. Business Technology, Middletown. "Delivering Great Content through Great Writing in a Professional Social Media Setting."

Eric Goodman. English. "Writing Fast, Writing Well: Teaching Writing in an Intensive Format."

Sheri Leafgren. Teacher Education. "Critical Reflection: Developing the Skills to Reflect on Experiential Learning for Early Childhood Education Majors."

Nirmala Naresh. Mathematics. "Writing in Formal and Informal Contexts in the MTH482 Capstone."

Amity Noltemeyer. Educational Psychology. "Graduate Student Thesis Writing Workshops/ Support."

AY 2013-2014

James S. Bielo. Anthropology.

Lindsay Grace and James Cox. Interactive Media Studies.

Katie Johnson. English.

Jennifer Patrick-Gaines. Communications.

Mark Peterson. Anthropology.

Amy Summerville. Psychology.

Zara M. Torlone. Classics.

AY 2012-2013

Burcin Bayram and Mario Freamat. Physics.

Jennifer Blue and James Clemens. Physics.

Kate de Medeiros. Sociology and Gerontology.

Keith Fennen. Philosophy.

Amanda McVety. History.

Timothy Melley, Carolyn Haynes, and Mary Cayton. English and History.

Rod Northcutt. Art.

Jennifer Patrick-Gaines. Communication.

W. Michele Simmons and Annie-Laurie Blair. English and Journalism.

Prior Years

Ann Elizabeth Armstrong. Western Program (and Theatre).

Susan A. Baim. Business Technology.

Terri Feldman Barr. Marketing.

John Benamati. Management Information Systems

Yu-Fang Cho. English and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.

John Cinnamon. Anthropology-Hamilton.

Daniel Cobb. History.

Brenda Dales. Teacher Education.

Bill DeGenaro. English-Hamilton.

Michele Dickey. Educational Psychology.

Todd Edwards. Teacher Education.

Dianne Fellows. Architecture and Interior Design.

Joan L. Fopma-Loy. Nursing.

Katie Fowler-Cordova and Kenneth Wireback. Spanish and Portuguese.

Jamie Gillen. Geography.

Oana Godeanu-Kenworthy. American Studies.

James Hershberger. Chemistry and Biochemistry.

Barbara Heuberger. Teacher Education.

John Humphries. Architecture and Interior Design.

Kathleen Hutchinson. Speech Pathology and Audiology.

Ben Jacks. Architecture and Interior Design.

Alice Kahn. Speech Pathology and Audiology.

Sheri Leafgren. Teacher Education.

Michael Novak. Chemistry and Biochemistry.

Deborah Phillips. Microbiology.

Beata Randrianantoanina. Mathematics.

Henry H. Stevens. Botany.

Richard Taylor. Chemistry and Biochemistry

Harvey Thurmer. Music.

Valerie Ubbes. Kinesiology & Health.

Roscoe Wilson. Art-Hamilton.

Chris Wolfe. Psychology.

Michael Woodin. Psychology.

Recipients of $5,000 Grants for Departmental/Program Projects

AY 2016-2017

Jason Abbitt, Ashley Johnson, Molly Kelly-Elliott, Katherine Mezher, Leah Washburn-Moses, Sara Watt, and Michael Woodin. Special Education, Educational Psychology. "Writing Activities Across Multiple Courses to Enhance Final Graduate Research Writing Project."

Katherine Batchelor, Roland Sintos Coloma, Sheri Leafgren, Barbara Rose, and Scott Sander. Teacher Education. "Toward Curricular Transformation: Using Writing about Educational Equity in Teacher Education Courses to Empower Future Teachers for Change."

AY 2015-2016

Katy Mezher, Sarah Watt, and Leah Wasburn-Moses. Special Education, Educational Psychology. "Workshop to Improve Student Writing."

Jason Palmeri. English. "Redesigning English 225 as an Advanced Writing Course."

Tony Cimasko. English. "Programmatic Writing Assessment in English 108."

AY 2014-2015

Comparative Religion. "REL 101: Introduction to Religion LEAP Metrics."

English. "New Low-Residency MFA in Creative Writing."

Spanish and Portuguese. "Fostering Foreign Language Writing Proficiency through Integrated Performance Assessments."

Teacher Education. "Project Write edTPA: The Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Licensure Program."

AY 2013-2014


Criminal Justice MUM and English MUM




AY 2012-2013


Educational Leadership and Teacher Education




Prior Years


Chemistry and Biochemistry


Comparative Religion

Computer Science and Software Engineering


German, Russian, and East Asian Languages Department

Management Information Systems

Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering

Mass Communication

Music Department—Studio Programs


Sociology and Gerontology—Master’s Degree Program

Spanish and Portuguese

Speech Pathology and Audiology

Teacher Education—Graduate Program in Reading