Faculty Writing Fellows Program

Our semester-long Faculty Writing Fellows Program supports faculty members and their departments/programs in their efforts to teach students to write more effectively in their professions/disciplines and to use writing to support deep learning of disciplinary material.

The program leverages relevant theory and research about writing, teaching, learning, curriculum design, and assessment that faculty can immediately apply in their courses and programs.

For Future Fellows

  • Program Overview. Learn about the commitment, incentives, and topics to be covered.
  • Apply. Apply to be a Writing Fellow for a future semester.
  • Program Alumni. See faculty who have graduated from the Writing Fellows Program.

For Program Alumni

  • Events for Alumni. Attend exclusive programs designed to support departmental and pedagogical change.
  • Grants. Apply for a grant to move forward with curriculum design, research, or assessment.
  • Writing Associates. Request a Howe Writing Center consultant to support your writing course.