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Honors Abroad

The Honors College supports international education as a vital way for students to develop global knowledge, social responsibility, and 21st century career readiness as part of our Honors College Citizen Scholar model. Wherever our students study abroad, the Honors Colleges aims to facilitate active engagement in honors education.

Study, Engage, and Travel in the Heart of Europe

Study abroad in Luxembourg at the Miami University Dolibois European Center (MUDEC) through one of the regularly offered Miami programs or through a unique Honors Abroad program exclusively open to Honors College students.

Upcoming Honors Exclusive Programs

MUDEC study abroad in Switzerland

Winter 2024: MUDEC Honors - Servant Leadership in a Crisis: Humanitarian Aid in Luxembourg and Switzerland

Students will examine humanitarian organizations, with special attention given to the role and impact of healthcare workers. This program will provide opportunities for students to evaluate past challenges and successes in humanitarian aid, explore the impact on health and well-being of populations displaced by humanitarian aid crises resulting from environmental, social, or political-economic processes, and analyze future trends in humanitarian aid considering current global power relations and international systems. Students will visit local and international headquarters in Luxembourg and Geneva, Switzerland. The target audience includes students in the Honors College interested in global response and humanitarian aid, healthcare, sustainability and climate change, and transnational systems operations.

London, England

Winter 2025: Honors in London - Sport, Management, and Culture in the Global Marketplace

Honors students will spend their entire time abroad in London, England to examine the management and marketing of sport in British society. While in London, students will be fully immersed in the global and local complexities, cultures, and social relations of the UK sport industry. Students will be immersed in sport management and marketing by attending live sport matches (e.g., Premier League, Rugby Super League, British Basketball League), meeting with managers of UK sport organizations (e.g., Sport England, Fulham Football Club, English Rugby), and touring prominent UK sport facilities and stadiums (e.g., Wembley Stadium, Lord’s Cricket Ground, Twickenham Stadium). This program will also feature lectures from Miami faculty and prominent UK sport scholars.

Previous Honors Exclusive Programs

Photo of a European City.

Winter 2022: Two Millennia of Globalization

Students investigated the causes and consequences of globalization over the very long-term, primarily through the lens of the European experience: starting with Rome, through the First Age of Globalization, and ending with the European Union. Students visited locations in Luxembourg, Belgium, and Germany to explore how democracies handle the politics of globalization. Students also traveled in small groups for an independent research assignment to France or Germany.

Photograph of the European city of Berlin.

Summer 2022: Media & Identity in Europe

This program explored the historic ways media depicted minorities in Europe, how those depictions have helped perpetuate stereotype and misunderstanding, and also examined the ways media producers attempt to reshape hegemonic understandings of European identity. This program visited Berlin for a week to connect with European journalists to better understand this topic.

Photograph of a row of buildings in the Netherlands.

Summer 2022: The Dutch Golden Age - How One Century Birthed Modern Capitalism

This program investigated the political conditions and institutions needed for economic development through the lens of the Dutch Republic during its Golden Age that roughly coincided with the 17th century. The class culminated in a trip to the Netherlands.

Photograph of a European city at night.

Winter 2023: Borders and Bridges - An Honors Exploration of the New Europe

Honors students examined the many national and cultural borders that have blurred in Europe since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the signing of the 1992 Treaty of Maastricht. Students explored their own historical question around identity and the real and metaphorical borders and bridges that shape our own individual self-understandings. The program allowed students to cross back and forth along the borders between Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands.


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